LF Ranged DPS for 10m ToT

We are looking for a 10th member for our Throne of Thunder team. This is for one week only for the raid week of May 7th thru the 13th. Full guild run with the exception of you! One of our members can't make the raid this week and we are looking to fill his spot.

All loot is free roll. Our current progression is 11/12 but we will be killing Lei Shen on Monday so we are looking to start Heroic Jinrohk on Tuesday the 7th.

Raid Times:
Monday 8-11pm
Tuesday 8-11pm
Wednesday 8-11pm
Thursday 8-11pm

We are looking for casuals in other guilds or alts with appropriate skill and item level. We are not asking you to join guild, just looking for a 10th person for this up coming week. While availability for all four nights is preferred, we do require you be able to attend at least three out of the four nights. Times are slightly flexible but no later than midnight.

All ranged DPS will be considered, however I'd really like to find a shadow priest (only one person on paladin/priest/warlock tier!!). I may make exceptions but as of right now, we have a 510 item level requirement.

If you are interested or would like to ask any questions feel free to contact me. In game is best though I do check the forums occasionally. This character, Fienix, or real ID: Fenixx#1919 is the best way to contact me.

We are recruiting for casuals and fill-ins. Check out our website (http://pmd.enjin.com) or contact me in game.

I look forward to speaking with you!
Position is filled.

Still recruiting casuals and fill-ins for anyone interested. Contact me in game or apply at http://pmd.enjin.com.

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