Let's talk about School of Hard Knocks

On second thought, lets not, because I got the achievement years ago even tho I hate pvp.

This thread is now about skateboarding bulldogs.
Can it be about waffles? I like waffles.
It still baffles me every year that people complain about an achievement that is so easy.

They are willing to put tons of hours foward and lots of gold toward other achieves. Just buy a blue set of pvp gear (Less than 2kg) so you won't get 1 shotted. And play 5 BGs of each. If you can't get the requirements in 5 BGs, you don't deserve the achieve.

If they took the time to look at some of the PVP achieves, they would see that instead of returning 1 flag in WSG, you have to do like 5 IN ONE GAME.

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