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I keep hearing that PC sales and declining. My thought is...if and how this would affect mmorpg such as wow. I can't see trimming the glorious ultra settings on my pc along with keybindings, macros, etc for the swiping features and hands-on touch of those trivial comps and tablets.

I also have crossed over to calling the consoles are trivial systems not up to par with those of us who relish our systems for being upgraded.

What do you all think?
Its been claimed that PC gaming has been dead or dying since the mid-to-late '90s.

I remember reading articles in gaming magazines back then proclaiming as such. Even then I thought it was a silly thing to say.

Still is.
The only thing PC gaming is moving to is pure digital.
Pre-built PC sales are in decline. PC parts and components are on the rise as gamers learn you can make better PCs yourself for less than what a pre-built machine costs. If anything consoles are on the way out with rising costs bleeding the big console developers of money. All consoles this last generation sold at a loss.
People have been saying this for awhile. Given the number of people I know and meet that are PC gamers, I'd actually argue that it's almost as popular as consoles. Really the only thing I see that separates the two is that online functions are limited on consoles (for parents that are worried about who their kids are talking to/what they're seeing) and that things like the Wii don't require much technical knowledge.
When 6 people buy a PC for gaming and 4 buy a PC for anything else, but 3 of those 4 decide to buy a Mac, 6 people are still buying a PC for gaming
I keep hearing that PC sales and declining

PC sales are declining because more people are realizing it's better to buy the parts and build your own. You get more out of your money that way.
Its been claimed that PC gaming has been dead or dying since the mid-to-late '90s.

I remember reading articles in gaming magazines back then proclaiming as such. Even then I thought it was a silly thing to say.

Still is.

PC sales are declining. Local to me, quite a few computer stores have even gone out of business already. There's a clear shift to iPhones, iPads, Kindles, games consoles and the like, and away from PCs.

Will this affect WoW? Hard to tell. WoW itself is in a slow decline already, due to its age, so it may be a moot question.
Those stores went out of business because they couldn't compete with online sales.

Gaming PCs aren't going anywhere any time soon, and are certainly not being replaced by handheld devices.
Well if you read the business and tech sections of the news regularly it is factual data that pc sales compared to tablets is EXTREMELY skewed in favor of tablets right now, and in general sales for PCs just don't look that hot across the industry.

BUT....if you read PC gaming sources (magazines, web sites -- btw I'm talking about professional sources...not a gaming fan site your buddy at college runs).....PC games are still big business.

As other's stated before me in this thread -- it was proclaimed many times since the mid to late 90's that PC gaming was dead...with every new gaming console its "reclaimed" again.

Its like anything - if it makes money its not going anywhere. As long as the major PC game companies like Blizzard's account depts. keep reporting BILLIONS of dollars per year from the pc game industry (WoW alone makes them about 1 billion a year in subs alone)....trust me pc games aren't going anywhere.
Could you imagine playing some of the more complex PC games on a console?

That'd be terrible.
Let Snowfox lay this flat out for you.

For 20 years I've been hearing that PC's were dying. I've heard everything from Amiga's are coming back and going to kill it, to the apple newton would, to macs would, to consoles would... and now celphones and tablets.

It is not dying.

That's just hype people use to sell page hits.
The new Tomb Raider which is a decent and well marketed game, sold around 4 million copies across 3 platforms. Diablo 3 a decent and well marked game sold 3.5 million copies in 24 hours and 12 million by the end of 2012 on PC only. I don't think PC gaming is dying. Even if it was it wouldn't affect wow, the people playing and paying already have PCs and pay the monthly fee and will continue to do so until they quit. Which would most likely be due to the game itself rather than due to it not being available on console or tablet.
what do you define as a PC? Does it have to be a big tower case sitting under a desk? Is a desktop replacement laptop still a PC? For the vast majority of users that laptop does just as much as a desktop would have yet is more power efficient, takes up less space, and is portable. Look at the data and the trend away from the bulky desktop is evident. Take that a step further into tablets. For the majority of home users the majority of the time a tablet will get the job done. Most people are information consumers and only occasional creators. You can check your email (occasionally responding), browse the web, watch netflix, etc... perfectly well from an iPad. Again, the phenomenal success of iPads and other tablets is testament to that concept. That will cannibalize further into those "PC" sales. As the audience moves so will the content creators; it's already happening, it's not just Zynga producing gaming apps.

Now let me propose a scenario. Tablets already have multicore graphics engines and higher resolution than 1080p flatscreen TVs. Wouldn't it be great to have a smartphone in your pocket loaded with top line games (either in the cloud or local to the device) and an equally portable bluetooth based controller. Pair that with technology like AirPlay (allows iPad and iPhone to stream display out to traditional displays like a TV with AppleTV connected) now you can cruise to a buddy's place with only the items in your pocket and have full access to your entire gaming catalog. that sounds pretty dang cool to me.

Of course i get that WoW requires more than a bluetooth gaming controller to interface but the horsepower is there to make this a reality and UI concepts evolve (I have a keyboard that folds in half for transport or whose to say that the tablet/phone doesn't become one big controller and tapping different areas activates different attacks/spells while "AirPlay-ing" the main display, or a completely novel interface none of us have ever considered). The point here is evolution of technology and if you somehow want to limit yourself to one flavor (tower PC form factor) then you're a luddite (yes, I see the irony).

tl;dr embrace new technology, it's exciting

PS if you knee jerk bashed Mac you're ignorant. Apple is currently largest manufacturer of "PC"s beating out the Dells and HPs of the world. They use many of the same suppliers and support the same OSes you run as well as a highly polished *nix variant called OSX.

PPS there will always be hobbiests that take things to an extreme. Sure, your water cooled, triple SLI'ed, overclocked to the max, gaming rig slash space heater will be able to do things that my M18X and MBPr can't. Newsflash, you are not the primary audience that software companies are aiming at. For that matter I'm a bit higher end than their target too. They want to support the widest cross section of the market while maintaining a desired feature set and quality level. If that market goes to mobile devices you'll see Blizzard follow.
Could you imagine playing some of the more complex PC games on a console?

That'd be terrible.

With a normal controller sure, but it can be changed to work with keyboards and a mouse.
Its been claimed that PC gaming has been dead or dying since the mid-to-late '90s.

I remember reading articles in gaming magazines back then proclaiming as such. Even then I thought it was a silly thing to say.

Still is.

It very likely would have died out if not for the advent of DirectX. That brought console level standardization to the PC game market.

Even with DX I see pressure from consoles and if it weren't for the dual nature of most PCs (i.e. mom and dad bought a PC for homework and wouldn't spring for the xbox or PS3 so now I'm limping by and playing COD on my Dell) I think the general consumer mentality would be to go for the simplicity and relative value of a console over PC the majority of the time. Unless your a hobbiest or want to be on the bleeding edge why would you want the expense and hassle of swapping out graphics cards every nine months to get the latest greatest. To most consumers the internals of a tower case are a confusing mystery and the turn key nature of a (subsidized by the manufacturer) console is very attractive.
sales might also be declining if the machines are lasting longer.

Except for updates to software making old machines unusable, a ten year old machine is perfectly serviceable for many functions.

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