Elemental and Warlock LF new HOME! Late Raids

Hello Illidan

My friend and i are currently looking for some nice guild/core/group to join and grow up with, we´re both experienced player pre BC with good attitude and full knowledge of our classes.

I would like to go elemental but i can heal if is necesary, 505+Ilvl on both. 5/12 ToT right now!

And well, my friend is just a Warlock with an insane dps :), he is comming back to play and we really want to raid together. (he has no exp in ToT at all, probably 2/12 but im sure we can learn faster than "normal" ppl).

10ST will be good for us
10:30pm = Awesome
and our perfect time to start is at 11ST.

Any of this 3 will be ok. Thanks you all.


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