[a] LF Group - 519ilv WW Monk with 6/13H Exp.

Hi all, despite my toon name, my name is frank and i'm not a female.

I just exfered on this server, we managed to get 6/13H Exp about 3-4weeks ago, a few raider got burnt out of the game and left. Our raid leader decided to disband the group.

I'm mostly looking for 10 man guilds, raid time have to be between Sunday - Thursday and must end at or before 23h00 server time (EASTERN TIME)

Of course i'm looking for a similar progression guild (atleast 3Heroic kill)
You can always add me in game Francis#1432

----- Short bio
Started playing @ End of BWD-BOT-ToFW
Started raiding @ end of Fireland (full normal clear with few heroics)
Cleared Heroic DS with 15% nerf, then 25-30% nerf on 3 other toon with differents groups
MOP : MV6/6H HoF5/6H ToES4/4N
ToT : 6/13H (most kill were in first 50 kill for US 10man guilds)
Still looking for a guild.

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