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Emerald Dream
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The usually dismal sky of Duskwood was unusually clear that night, sparkling with stars that were a treat for the residents of Darkshire. It was a pleasant break for the shadowy figure who sat on the roof of the Scarlet Raven, listening to the raucous activity in the tavern below; screaming, smashing and shoving might have sounded like disharmony to most, but he knew it to be the sweet music of his kind sharing a lovely evening together.

Araane sat at the large table in the tavern, smiling as she watched the various Outlaws and new bloods carouse and be generally loud. She looked down at a few letters in front of her, then back at the human who sat across from her, who was staring at her expectantly. She sighed irritably, drinking from her flask.

“Listen. This is not Ottavia’s operation anymore. It’s mine. Been mine for a long time now. I don’t care what this junk says.” She tosses the letters at the human, grinning in amusement as they smack against his chest, spilling onto the ground and table. He frowns, eyeing her quietly.

“Things have changed, human. Not everything, but some..key things. We aren’t the Crown’s dogs anymore. We’re our own. Understand that? And it’s better than ever.” She makes a broad motion to the interior of the Raven, full of various ne'er do wells loitering about, causing the occasional ruckus. She smiles slowly, leaning forward. “Used to be pathetic around here..no one could barely get any work, wretched horde just rampaging through unchecked. I took control, and all of that –stopped-. Do not mistake the new ways as detrimental, by any means.” She quiets for a moment before speaking again.

“Anyways. If you want work like in the old days, you got it. Just got to follow a few simple rules..” She leans back, grabbing her flask and setting it in front herself as she motions to the tavern again.

“This here is mine. These lot, are mine. I take care of all this, and I work far too hard to keep things running smoothly. My word is law amongst us. You respect that, you’ll get your work, and you’ll get your pay. Like I said..Not Ottavia’s gig anymore.” She takes a drink, the young human male clearing his throat nervously as a large worgen slaps his hand down on Araane’s shoulder, making her start. The worgen grins, all teeth at the human. “Don’t let her intimidate you, she just likes to act like the king here in our lovely hole.”

Araane rolls her eyes, and just as she opened her mouth to retort, the bells began to ring furiously outside, and the familiar sound of the Night Watch’s fearful shouting was heard. She sighs, standing up and snapping her fingers. “Come on you lot, outside.” She looks at the human, winking. “Now would be an ideal time to prove yourself. Don’t be shy.” She grabs up her polearm, hurrying out into the dusk.
A little about us.

The Devilclaw Outlaws is a level 25 heavy RP-PVP guild based in Darkshire, Duskwood. We do a very particular style of RP, that being of a outlaws, criminals and your general degenerates. This does not mean we are the bad guys of the Alliance side, but we certainly aren’t going out of our way to do acts of heroism.

We are open to all races and classes looking for a way to get by outside the constraining laws of Stormwind and its reaches! We participate actively in RP, PvP and respectful WPvP, as well as dabble in PvE loosely. If you are a horde RP guild that wants to set up any sort of RP-PVP or WPvP, please feel more than free to contact myself or any officer.
DCO has always been a strong community guild, and therefore we have a code of conduct that has been with us since the guild’s beginning. This is taken from our old recruitment thread, and still holds true:

‘ We filter for community; meaning, we value people who have great attitudes in-game and otherwise, and players who like being part of a social guild. Once invited, every Outlaw is held to the same standard of conduct. We don't put up with role-play griefing, spamming, breaking the ToS, or general nonsense. If you see an Outlaw doing anything of the sort, don't hesitate to contact an officer.

While we strongly discourage unsavory acts (i.e. rude emotes, etc.), it's important to note that we have no restrictions for freelance WPvP and are unlikely to pull rank when "PvP happens." However, in organized events, certain behaviors are explicitly unacceptable.’

If you have any questions, please feel free to visit our new forums at


Or contact an officer in game.

Araane – Big Boss, GM
Delegoth – Boss, Co-GM
Lithiaris-Underboss, Officer
Keledon-Underboss, Officer
Also, check out our recruitment videos!



Edit: The website link posted with that video is defunct, we are using a new website, which is posted above.
Keledon watches over the town square with his hippogryph from his perch atop the tavern, listening to the Boss put on her little show for the new bloods and town's visitors. Spotting a torchlight in the woods to the distance, he growls, leaping onto his mount and nudging its flanks with his knees, flying toward the bell tower.
*Raising his mug, Bordak stands and looks about.*

Many years ago, in Duskwood, this group saved my life. Don't take the hard act too much to heart. They are good guys. Yes, they are!

I've fought with a couple of these rogues a few times (against the Horde) and heckled at least one wedding with 'em. They are good people and a great guild.

Though...they probably should follow the law a bit better. I mean it IS there for the common good of all citizens...and...

*Bordak looks around at the now silent tavern.*

and...they are *clears throat* clearly dangerous rogues to be very wary of.

*Bordak smiles uncertainly as he quickly finishes his hot chocolate and begins to move towards the door.*

What was that? Did someone call me outside? Well, have a good evening fine rogues and roguettes. Yes, I am off now.

*Bordak hurriedly heads towards his mount and off into the night looking over his shoulder a few times in case anyone was following him.*
Lithiaris watches Bordak's monologue with one raised eyebrow and an incredulous expression as he scurries out, shaking her head. She leans back quickly, a pointed dart flying past her face and imbedding itself into the woodwork of the beam connected to the stairwell, having missed the dart board altogether.

Her head turns to watch the others in the tavern, a scold halfway out of her mouth before two men tumble over the railing in the inn, wrestling with eachother and shouting something about some maiden they met in Stormwind.

"Out. OUT!" She whacks the closest over the back of his head with a deft twirl of her staff, sending the two scurrying. "Hann hates it when they fight inside.. poor sucker deals with enough as is."

She turns her attention back to the door, yelling at the retreating Bordak - "HEY, you never visit anymore!" She sighs, muttering, "Hit and run. Not even a hello." The train of thought is quickly cut off as she smacks the nearest rowdy person in the tavern, snatching their lemonade. "I love my job."
Berinand regretted throwing the dart as soon as it left his hand. He cringed as it somehow magically locked-on to Lithiaris and flew in her immediate direction. He cringed, covering his face with his hands, not wanting to watch. When he finally decided to look, he was relieved when he saw the dart had missed her, and was relieved even more to see that she had no idea he threw the dart in the first place. He rolled his eyes as she was bludgeoning random people with her staff, and decided the dart game was over before he turned someone into a pincushion. He attempts to blend in with the crowd as inconspicuously as possible.
Alice sat against the lip of the fountain in Duskwood. A few of the compatriots of the... "Bakers of Darkshire" had gone to the city. That loud filthy rotting city of idiocy and insanity. For what? Drinks? Harlots? The wild ride of excitement everyone called fun? No. Not for her. When asked she vehemently refused time and time again, remaining stoic and nearly fully hateful to the concept of fun. Lithiaris had left for such a thing... Berinand as well, the rest were elusive and likely somewhere in that city near the tavern.

In her pack she tugs out a thin silver tin. A simple cigar tin. Upon flipping the clasp two rich cigars rolled around, one previously lit before hand, the other fresh and untouched. With a match she lights the previously used one and takes a long drag.

"They'll come back drunk and stumbling... Damned idiots... And who will have to watch after their sod asses? Me. That's who..." She growled fully unhappy with this knowledge, sitting there at the fountain as a lone look out for the town with her single brown-eyed gaze. It'd be hours... almost dawn... before any of them returned. And that's how she liked it. Them to go and leave her lands quiet. But these days she grew anxious when they left. She fidgeted when no one was around. Truth was... she was becoming fond of this reckless lot. So when their silhouettes came through the trees she'd let herself a small smiling smirk before forcing it away before they could see it.


Hollering then, she'd grow that smirking grin, only to harass and bother them as much as possible upon their return.
Grats on your ascension to power, Araane. :)

So, why does an outlaw band actually defend Darkshire? You should appease my sentimentality and go with the Knights of Dusk brand. After all, your new neighbors, GotL, are moving in.

Edit: nice recruitment video!
((DCO chooses Darkshire to reside in because it is outside Stormwind's control, as the NPCs constantly whine about, Stormwind has indeed forsaken Duskwood and Darkshire. They have their own fighting force, the Night Watch, to deal with their problems.

So, it is a perfect place for those outside the law to conduct their business, and they must defend it. It's their home, no place else is quite like it, and Araane herself has been living in Duskwood for years. It is a great location, between Booty Bay and Stormwind as well, for business reasons.))
((DCO chooses Darkshire to reside in because it is outside Stormwind's control, as the NPCs constantly whine about, Stormwind has indeed forsaken Duskwood and Darkshire. They have their own fighting force, the Night Watch, to deal with their problems.

So, it is a perfect place for those outside the law to conduct their business, and they must defend it. It's their home, no place else is quite like it, and Araane herself has been living in Duskwood for years. It is a great location, between Booty Bay and Stormwind as well, for business reasons.))

Gotcha. Makes sense.
Side note, we are amazing. You best recognize.
I have since moved my warehouse of canned goods to the GotL's old hangout. If anyone wishes to move in I will need three weeks notice to move the previously mentioned canned goods. If notice is not given and you simply move in and start rustling my cans I will rustle you.

Owen sat on the log he had claimed as his bed, north of the Haunt, even more north of Darkshire. He stared into the creek that flowed below, thinking.

I'm a fantastic baker, chef, even, he thought. Ought to bake a bloody cake later.

Noises rang in the distance. His ears pricked, recognizing it after a moment.

Bells. Darkshire's bells.

He stood, whistling three notes, and bared his teeth in a feral grin. A few moments passed. Then, a crash was heard from above and a red, hulking mass splashed into the creek in front of him, a few tree limbs following.

Hot, rancid air blew over his face as the waiting proto-drake stared at him. "Oi, Rex," he growled, hopping lithely to its wing. He slumped into the saddle and tapped the drake's sides with his heels. Rex raised his wings and ascended, straight up, with one mighty wing beat.

They broke through the treetops and sped toward Darkshire, Owen sighting in on an orc fighting with another Devilclaw as they neared. He leapt from Rex's back, slamming into him and grunting as they both fell to the ground. He rolled quickly into a crouch, minding the axe he wore.

He laughed as he stood, a low rumbling growl in his chest.

"DEVILCLAW! MAKE THEM BLEED!" came Araane's yell.

He drew his weapon, the weapon that he had sworn to the band of bakers, and shrugged.
Boss's orders.

((also bump because dco is fantastic))
((Woah DCO is the cat's meow!))
((also bump because dco is fantastic))
Well, you definitely have the degenerate part down, Aarane.

Thanks Rett, though I'll never be quite the natural like you, sadly.
05/09/2013 09:16 AMPosted by Brickston

Thanks Rett, though I'll never be quite the natural like you, sadly.

I wish I was degenerate. Then I could do retarded things like go to Art School and expect to make more than 10 dollars an hour.

Unless you mean cause I'm forsaken, then yeah, I'm degenerating.

Now now Rett, you're starting to look silly, trying to derail our recruitment thread.

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