A Mountain of Giant Dinosaur Bones

I was wondering if anyone has done this and, if so, what they found the most efficient way of obtaining the bones is?

Obviously, everyone has their own methods but I was wondering if anyone found soloing certain mobs more efficient than others?
If geared, soloing the adult direhorns on that front beach near the grave yard (preceded by clearing the young ones) is the easyest way to do it solo. need a tank and healer to take on the adult devilasaurs, they just hit too hard.

Adult devilasaur, drops over 40 bones
adult direhorn, drops around 20
hatchling devilasaur, drops around 15
hatchling, drops around 10,
dinomancer, drops around 1

soloing adult direhorns is not a pet tank excersise, its a kiting excersise, gota move ,and wait untill the last second of the charge wind up to disengage, and keep concusive shot on it.
what they found the most efficient way of obtaining the bones is?

Teaming up with my blood DK GM :x
As my gear has gotten better, I find it easy enough to solo the young dinos. I'm at 4k bones atm, and haven't been motivated to get the rest yet.

I used to use my tank spec spirit beast. Now I use my tank spec shale spider seeing as I no longer need the heal to keep my pet alive as I kill the young devilsaurs.

The young direhorns are fairly easy to solo once you have the entry level raid gear. Stand off to the side of them, and they don't charge, making them super easy to kill.
Teaming up with my blood DK GM :x

Lol I did the same thing. We gathered up the little devilsaurs and I just aoe'd them down. And I earned bags and bags full of leather along with my awesome raptor mount :)
They drop bones roughly proportional to their health pools. So kill whatever's the biggest you can kill relatively quickly -- for me, I found this was often the young Devilsaurs (though I've not done enough to get anywhere close to the mount -- don't have the patience most of the time).
The Adult Devilsaurs have the best drop rate and can be kited in cheetah, just got to have your path worked out so you don't kite it into other adds, if you have to turn around deterrence and disengage can get you past it clear or pop stampede with a stabled pet with growl on to taunt and occupy it a few seconds. And ofc be using the glyph to avoid being dazed if you get hit by his aoe roar (kite at max range and you won't get hit).
Spirit Bond
Survival Spec

tank and spank, roll mend pet, I found it was very systematic when I used one cooldown (aMoC, RF, racial) per direhorn hatchling.

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