Why can't we shift forms

Cat form has this really neat 6 second stun that I don't have a feasible way to use as a moonkin.

Bears have this really neat 3 second silence on a glyph that isn't feasible to use because of the /Growl "fix"

Can't we find a fun way to generate combo points on our targets? Perhaps every time starsurge, wrath, or starfire crit they generate a combo point on the target (with a 3 second cooldown of course, I'm not an animal). Or perhaps simply every time Starsurge lands. Or maybe we can introduce a new and exciting instant cast that does moderate damage on an 8 second cooldown that generates 2 combo points.

As for bear thug silence. Was the insta bear form growl op because it helped druids dodge repent? Regardless of the reason I hope it can be reverted. Or as a slightly more OP solution, Change Glyph of Fae silence to include moonkins. Keep in mind the upcoming change to Solar Beam before you bash this.

Moonkins are arguably in the best spot they've been in, We've seen great improvements in MoP and its nice to know the devs are trying (I felt completely neglected in cata). We still have a ways to

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