Just dinged 90 - Have almost no holy gear

Picked up a few pieces in Dread Wastes from quests but only got about 6 or so pieces before dinging 90 and didn't feel like continuing to quest just to get greens.

Surprisingly I did do a heroic as the healer with my gear (yes, I'm in my "holy" set) and we didn't wipe, though my mana regen and spell potency were obviously atrocious (3k spell power...LOL). My guildy I ran with just told me to keep running dungeons and not worry about it, but it feels pretty awful and I'm sure once I get a less than outstanding group I won't be able to keep anyone up to save my life.

I know there's crafted PvP gear I could use, but I don't really want to drop the gold on gear I'll probably replace rather quickly. The pieces themselves aren't that expensive but getting them gemmed/enchanted/reforged adds up.

I could just run as ret but then I'd be praying the healer isn't a holy pally lest I be stepping on their toes for loot, which I don't like doing. Plus if I did that I'd probably just end up staying ret.

Any recommendations? Will probably run the arena scenario to get the 450 weapon but that's all I can think of for now.
Scenarios can drop gear for any spec. Including 463 weapons, IIRC.

Or you could just run as your geared spec and use the JP to buy gear for the other spec. Sometimes you'll be able to roll on int plate anyway because no other class uses it. Most of the time the healer won't be a pally, and even if they are, you can always ask if they need the drop or not. Even if you end up not rolling on a few drops, you still get JP and you might get something next run.

Once you've replaced all your strength pieces -- even if it's just with blues -- you should be fine.

There's also a vendor that sells greens IIRC, that would at least be an improvement on gear with the wrong primary stat. Or you could buy greens on the AH, which is much cheaper than PVP gear.

You don't need to use rare gems or BIS enchants until you start getting epic gear -- a 5g uncommon gem is fine, and many greens don't even have a gem slot in the first place. As long as it has some kind of relevant stat, it should be fine for dungeons.
Since you have mining it should't take you more than an hour to gather the mats you need for a holy pvp crafted set. It is worth it imo. If you have some coin grab crafted 496 gloves, 476 or 496 chest, 476 off hand. That along with the pvp gear will get you into LFR with chance for worthwhile upgrades.

You can also grab the vp neck at nuetral with SPA which will raise your ilvl quickly. I was sitting at 480 last wednesday so you can gear up pretty quick with a hot streak.
Honor gear. 476 ilvl, no PVP disadvantage on the gear anymore. Run TB/WG as often as you can and just rake in points (as well as call to arms). These will fill in gaps.

Additionally, use your Elder Charms of good fortune on HOLY in MV/HoF LFR. When the boss dies, and the bonus roll is up, swap specs and then roll. It checks your spec when you make the roll so, you can "offspec roll" this way. As soon as you get your bag of gold or your item, swap back to primary spec.
You have mining skill and the crafted gear is made with 8 - 15 ghost iron ingots for each piece.
In the time it takes you to run one heroic dungeon you could probably mine enough ghost iron ore for a crafted set.

Edit: I guess someone already said the same thing. I would add that you should do the arena scenario for the 463 mace.
Honor gear. 476 ilvl, no PVP disadvantage on the gear anymore. Run TB/WG as often as you can and just rake in points (as well as call to arms). These will fill in gaps.

^^ Seriously honor grind is by far the fastest way to get into LFR. If you don't like to pvp, then convert JP->HP, then buy the gear. You can also queue specifically for the Arena of Annihilation scenario which takes 5 minutes per run and chain run it, you can easily get 3 pieces of 476 gear a day with just a few hours of playing.

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