Archaeology Problems

So, I've been doing archaeology on this toon since it first came out in cata. I've finished all the night elf rare finds yet I still seem to be constantly getting only night elf dig sites. I have next to nothing finished from the Tol'vir but their sites never seem to appear.

My friend tells me that since he finished all the night elf finds he doesn't get them nearly as often. Could there be a problem with my account (I did realm transfer not too long ago) or is this just RNG?

Edit: In the time since this post I have done 6-7 night elf dig sites and all but one of them spawned another night elf dig. The single dig that wasn't night elf was a fossil dig.
Dig in Pandaria. Trade in your finds for Tol'Vir fragments. Don't worry about other continents.
There is so much less travel time in Pandaria and the sites are so much smaller that even though you basically only get 1 dig's worth of pre-mop fragments per site, it's still faster.
That's what I had been doing until my friend told me how many Tol'vir dig sites he was getting. I can keep digging in Pandaria I guess I just was wondering if he was lucky or if there might be some kind of problem.
Archaeology is RNG on RNG on RNG... So for two people to get the same results is very improbably. There are probably people in here that are still digging for Zin'Rokh from the first day of Cataclysm. My wife got it as her first rare after MOP was released. Her third Archaeology rare ever.

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