SPriest 4pc is well balanced.

No Cooldown.
No Dimishing Returns.

That's very well balanced and entirely in-line in power and scope of effect to other effects such as:
- Astral Communion (used out of combat as is) can be used while moving.
- Increases the damage of Lava Lash by 40% with Frostbrand Weapon (basically lets Frostbrand replace Flametongue at a DPS LOSS).
- Your Twilight Ward absorbs damage from all magic schools (on the GCD and absorbs very little).
- Your Touch of Death can be used on players who are under 10% health (and would likely die from ANYTHING you spent 3 Chi on).
- Reduces the cooldown of your Charka by 25sec (when you aren't likely to stance switch often anyway).

Yes, I find having an AOE CC with no cooldown and no DRs to be an entirely reasonable contribution to PVP balance, especially compared to the extensive usefulness of other set bonuses.
I love getting players to 40k Health! Insta kill with any move! good thing monks can use thier 4pc maybe once in a match. Also when im in 2s 3s RBGs its never like im desperately chasing some idiot down who has 40k life, its always good CC and a string of stun silences that kills people mixed with burst. wish they would change the 4pc
You could just open your eyes and not dispel when that debuff is up? Dispelling was given a CD so it became a choice when to dispel - something you're yet to do. :C
Dumb player confirms him or herself as being dumb player. Nothing to see here folks.
Considering it used to be baseline and the old 4 set was actually useful, not sure what problem is.
Considering it used to be baseline and the old 4 set was actually useful, not sure what problem is.

When it was baseline, dispels only hit 1 debuff at a time and had no cooldown. The fact that a Shadow Priest walks in and says "No More Dispel or suffer a no CD no DR AOE CC" just by being present is a fair bit ridiculous. Even Unstable Affliction only punishes the dispeller which forces a more acedemic choice.

Furthermore, in context, I don't think any spec gets a 4pc anywhere near as gamebreaking and overpowered. DOT classes are supposed to be penalized by dispels, but not excessively so, not given a few extra CC with no DR. There's literally no punishment. In fact, the more often dispels go out, the better.

I don't care, it probably won't get fixed. I just find it amusing they do things like nerf Flash Heal for SPriests instead of recognizing something this glaring.
Or you could just open your eyes before you dispel, or if you really want to dispel those dots it's on you to not be standing on other people. Comparing the 4pc's in a vacuum like you did in the OP is a bad idea - pretending like it's OP is even worse.

Maybe you should play shadow without 4pc in arena and see how far you get when a healer realises they can dispel VT, I promise you wont be doing anything but trying to reapply dots.
this has to be a troll....right....right.....
Good thing my 4set lets me run faster for 1.5 seconds after I hit the ground.
1) shares DR with horrify.
2) only goes off when dispelled.
3) adds our dot protection, since if they just purged our VT we'd be dropping mana incredibly. (spriests usually go through over 20M mana a game)
4) Our damage in BGS is MB (if you have DI) > SW:P > VT > Spike/insanity > flay; losing the ability to sustain those two dots would cut our dps 60%+

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