Epic Quest Lines

I've been wondering, will Blizzard ever come up with new epic quest lines for special mounts/forms? The last one available was Swift Flight Form which is now unattainable. This wasn't only exclusively for druid;. Paladins and Locks had to do quest lines to get their mounts. I've personally completed the quest line and I enjoyed it because it made me, in a sense, customize my druid to be different from other druids. They had a good idea introducing glyphs but now it seems too... boring.
Green fire?
Green fire is lock only quest-line. In B.C. there was at least four classes that had quest lines. I'm talking about quest lines kinda like the current legendary quest line expect more class-specific, like the green fire quest, but harder and more rewarding (Legendary spells? Craft unique boe/boa legendaries? druid antlers? lock horns? BA totems? legendary mounts?)

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