Selling several level 25 pets, most notably the darkmoon rabbit. They are all on the AH, but I am willing to come down a bit if you make me a reasonable offer. Send me a whisper in game or send this toon mail if interested. Thanks.
Add son of animus to that list, he'll be lv 25 within 48 hours. Put him on the AH for 26k, but again, I'd be willing to come down a bit if the offer was right.
Just got the Ji'kun hatchling, and I might as well write a full list (all below pets are rares):

Darkmoon rabbit (lv 25)
Ji'Kun Hatchling (lv 22)
Son of Animus (lv 25)
Pandaren Earth Spirit (lv 25)
Pandaren Fire Spirit (lv 1)
Tiny Snowman (lv 25)
Corefire Imp (lv 25)
Father Winter's Helper (lv 25)
Ghostly Skull (lv 25)
Darkmoon Hatchling (lv 1)

A couple low level ones in there just b/c I haven't had time to level them recently, but I could level them pretty quick. All pets are currently on the AH, but if you make me a decent offer, I'd be happy to take them down for you. Send me in game mail or you can whisper me if interested.

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