A new bg focused on the PVP aspect of PVP

I have recently left an idea in game in the appropriate place but for an all new bg but would like some other insight and maybe help bring it to light. (spoiler alert) It would be similar to wc3 wotlk, level where you had to free Illidan from Madive. It would work as the mine cart similar to the ones in silver mine bg but they can have a piece of tec or weapons (even a cage on wheels with a prisoner). This woul work in a tug of war fashion and the target dosnt move unless one faction holds it (keep in mind a faction holds it by having more members in the area then the opposing faction) and will remain still in neutral. Now I can see several problems with this such as the map, number of players, resurrection ect. Well some of this I would love to give some insight to.

The map to start would probably be down a long chasm The top of the cliffs might be accessible could cause some nice ambushes do to ramps going up and down them but they NEED to be tall enough so players are out of range for casters and just range dps. It could also be threw an under ground mine shaft. Another problem is how many players? Well if you want you coul make it 5v5 if there is only 1 object line, but i don't see that being alot of fun and I think blizzard would like to stay away from 5v5 bg do to arena's. So this problem has to do with the map I would suggest adding two more objective lines and fist to cap two win. Now the thought of 3 can change the map in many ways for instance you can have above ground under ground above ground objectives all three above or all three below that will be up to the designers. Finally how do you make a good respawn point? Well I sugest flags for check points that the second it is cap it is turned over unlike av where there is a timer. After all if one faction is in control they can either leave people to defend the flag or check point at wich point some rogues might sneak by and get the following check point, or they can stay with the cart loosing check points as they fall back.

Anyways I woul love to hear from blizzard but really I would also enjoy feedback from anyone, Thanks.
so it's eye of the storm and silvershard mines except there is annoying Z axis?
so it's eye of the storm and silvershard mines except there is annoying Z axis?

How is it eye at all? In eye you have a flag to capture/ bases to hold for points the only "base" would be rez spots like in av.

I could see some similarities to silver mine except in silver mind the cart goes to the objective no matter what and the objective is the same spot it just matters who is in controll, this should be a straight line or even 3 going into a capture zone. Each faction has there own capture zone, kinda like the BG WSG I suppose. The objects don't respawn however the map would look something like this

< = spawn, 0 = goal, l = possible crossing, spots s= original spawn


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