Thinking about gearing up a Ret Set

What gear that I have can be dual purposed? I assume not much, but Id like to have as much advantage as I can so im not stuck in greens running dungeons.
Your cape and pants are the only decent cross-over pieces.
Prot and Ret can share a lot of gear. Your gear is just heavily avoidance-focused, so it won't work for Ret. If you were gearing more for haste you'd be using mostly DPS gear anyway. :P

As mentioned, you can use the cloak and legs. You could also use the shoulders and belt if you replaced the gems with haste/hit and pure haste respectively. That's talking pure stats, of course; the shoulder enchant would be sub-optimal for one spec either way, same with the leg enchant.
05/05/2013 11:41 AMPosted by Keten

Yeah, I forgot - not actually parry in-game on that thing anymore, is it? Expertise or something useful?
Expertise, yeah.

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