[A] Premedicated - 25 LFM

Premedicated is a level 25 guild looking for tanks and a DPS or two to round out our almost ready 10 man team as we move into ToT.
After some serious guild attrition around the release of Mists, Premed has gone from barely raiding at all to rebuilding our numbers and finishing ToES. This may cause some to scoff, but we are proud of what we have rebuilt! We are now looking to move on into ToT after running LFR ad nauseum and we need help.

This help could be people on the server who are happy in their guild, but are looking for a regular ToT PUG, or someone who would like to join our family. All we ask is that you show the same courtesy and dedication that the rest of the team shows you. We understand that real life comes before WoW and that people miss raids, but communication and respect is the key for us.

We are a group of good humoured adults who agree that the people you play with is far more important than spending 30 hours a week being screamed at. We prefer to foster an environment where people don't fear that they will be put down for making a mistake. This is not to say that we don't take accountability seriously or spend time perfecting our gear as best we can, or being prepared with consumables and strat research, but we have learnt that an atmosphere where people are afraid leads to more mistakes. We enjoy raiding with friends and as we are all adults with jobs/family/study we have decided to make the most of what we can on a shorter raiding schedule.

We currently raid Monday and Thursday 7pm-10pm server time.
On the nights we don't raid, there are people around who love running old school raids for mounts/mog/achievs, along with the usual PVP-mad crew and some pretty bizarre guild chat conversations.

I can be contacted in-game, or B-Tag Zgrok#1875

Thanks for looking :)

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