Recruiting for 25m progression

Formerly of Meridian of Ghostlands, we moved to Stormrage after our guild went inactive. We are recruiting all classes and specs for 25m progression in ToT and beyond. We do not care about your gear or current ToT experience. We are looking for players with skill. If you can perform well in sub-optimal gear we are interested in you. Our hope is to push for Top US 100 kills and top 10 rankings on the server for next tier.

About us, Meridian was formed in 1997 and has attained top 100 US kills in every expansion. That is the kind of group we are looking to cultivate again on this server.

About you, be skilled, understand your class, know your role, and be ready for constructive criticism. The progression group will run Tues, Wed, Thurs, and some Mondays for cleanup. We will also have a weekend group for those with alts or more casual players. Old raids and old achievements will also be run on weekends.

If this sounds like a group that interests you, please reply to this thread or contact me in game or through battletag: Eagan#1755.

Good luck and happy dragon slaying.
We have a level 17 guild coming from Ghostlands in the next few days so we will not have to level a guild from scratch. Guild website and forums will be coming in the next few days as well.
New Website:
Need a shield tank, some healers, and dps.
What times?
Just so you can update your post... currently top 100 US is only achievable by being top 5 in server
What times?

8pm server unless otherwise noted.

Just so you can update your post... currently top 100 US is only achievable by being top 5 in server

Thanks for the cheek and free bump.

Current needs include Holy Paladin, Disc/Holy Priest and Shadow Priest, and a Shield tank.
Good luck guys. Nice to see another 25 man guild starting up on the server! :)
I am a Death Knight with a Ilvl 503 and I am looking for a new guild to raid with. I don't stand in fire and can easily adapt to meet mechanics.

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