Talented Dps Dk LF Heroic Progression Guild

I'm looking for a guild that is 10/12+ or progressing through heroic tot.

What i bring to the table:
-Raiding experience. Wrath- cleared everything weekly while it was content with the only exception of Heroic Lk. This includes Heroic Anub pre icc, Sarth 25/10 while it was content, Ulduar, etc. Cata- Bwd/Bot/Tofw weekly clears with only a few Heroic modes. I quit when FL due to schooling. Came back when DS launched. Mop- I didn't raid Msv/Hof/Toes due to schooling at the time, 3/12 Tot. I am all done schooling forever so no need to worry about that getting in the way.

-Class experience. Dk has been my main since Wotlk. I believe I have the skill to compete with the best Dk's in the world. I have always been under geared compared to other Dk's and yet i always out perform them and out survive them. I know my class very well.

-Focus and Maturity. I like to have fun but I'm also serious about progression raiding. When progression is on the line I concentrate and perform to the best of my ability.

I am sorry but i do not have any logs to show my numbers from this expansion or previous expansions.

If anyone is interested please post here or contact me in game. I can raid Tuesdays/Wednesdays/Thursdays/Sundays.

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