Exiled Legion's Drunkin LFR

EL has now been on Zul'jin for 2 weeks now. We had many debates on which server would be best for us and we can all assure you that we found the right one. I haven't heard a single person have a 2nd thought about coming here.

The last couple weeks we have been inviting Might into our drunkin LFR runs and they have been a lot of fun. We look at it as a way to actually kick back and enjoy the boss fights that we have grown to hate because of numerous wipes. We want to extend this out to more guilds and more individuals. We open this first to guilds to allow them to get as many members as they can into the raid and then it's free for all. If we can get 2-3 guilds involved in this, that would be great.

If your guild or even you as an individual would like to come either post below or find me online around the time we go. I will just post all the time zones of when we are going beings I forgot what server time is here.

6PST - 7 MST - 8 CST - 9 EST.

You can find myself online about 15-30 minutes before that time to get the party started. Our mumble is open for anyone to come and hang out with us.

Thanks everyone and have a good weekend!
Are you drunk already? You forgot to say we do this on Saturdays. Also we have about 8-10 of our members and then about 5ish or a bit more of Might that come so we have about 10 spots open but worst case scenario we can always do a 15/15 or 20/20 and do 2 groups cuz more people in mumble the better.
*Warning* PG13 content does not exist here especially when drunk, this is loads of fun and we'll try to reign ourselves in but in the end we are an 18+ guild but don't act it. Drinking strongly encouraged but not required.
Coke Bump
Wait. Drinking ISN'T required?? Why did y'all make me take all those shots that one time then. Sheesh.
A drunk Zol, is a happy Zol.
I would never be caught drinking. I mean people do the stupidest things while drunk.........I would never do anything like that <.<
Thanks for the invite had fun tonight!
We will be continuing our weekly drunken lfr on Saturday for those interested.
I would love to run one with you all on one of my toons, BT: Torements#1500
Returning again This Saturday!!!! Be there or be a rectangular shape!
I will get you invited for this Bankings. Anyone is welcome to come as long as we have the room. Please just ask and we would love to have you there!
I'd like to join this as well.
me too
Drunk LFR is over again. It was awesome seeing so many new people there =P Just throw us some whispers at or before 9 est for an invite next week!
Y'know, I could tell you weren't drunk this time.
New rule, all EL must be drunk.

Not just an "I'm drinking" drunk either. Next week you better be smashed, and not all wandering about having weird adventures, because I'm going to hold you fully accountable.

Don't let me down.
Don't let me down.

Don't let her down.
I need to buy more alcohol apparently.
If you have a healer spot open next weekend, I'd like to tag along. Coming back after months and this being a new server, it could be interesting to get to know my neighbors. =)
We'd love to have you along
Don't forget LFR tonight...... Drink of choice tonight will be ICE tea of the adult kind. To get in invite whisper, Peekingtom, shaylene, zolvolt, or anyone else in EL..... or JADEMCIAN! HAHA. See you all tonight.

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