Brewmaster leveling?

How is brewmaster leveling compared to windwalker?
I preferred Brewmaster until I got Rising Sun Kick, then went Windwalker all the way to 90.

Keg Smash is ridiculously good while leveling.
To put it simply, from what I've read in similar threads:

Brewmaster is great at low levels because of it's ability to AoE and easily mitigate damage. This makes tanking random dungeons quick and easy (as long as you know what you're doing), but it also makes questing simple since you can round up probably 5+ mobs at a time and AoE them down.

I played BrM until MoP levels, at which point I swapped over to WW for a bit of a change of pace and WW seemed fine once it had all of it's tools (namely rising sun kick). You could probably very easily play Brewmaster from 10-90 and level at least as quickly, if not more quickly than WW.
I reaaaaaaly enjoy brewmaster leveling, my wife is a monk as well with MW WW specs so instances are always great to level in as well as questing.
well when I hit 85 luckily my guild had appointed me the new tank replacement for the core so i got some blue boe's. a 450 staff in particular and pretty much untill townlong I was nuking the crap out of everything as WW. I assume if you are good at keeping your self alive then mass pulling with brewmaster could be as fast as WW however if you quest like me and play it safe and hardly pull more then 2 mobs then brewmasters damage is abysmal compared to ww
I say WW if you don't like mass pulling or you have great starting gear.
I don't think I even trained in my WW spec until half way through T14, armory just had a big "?" for my second spec haha.
While i am only level 20, i find Brewmaster a blast (switched from WW) you get quick ques for dungeons and as others said good mitigation and AoE. Only down side is if you miss/parry/etc. a keg smash while soloing it can feel very... disappointing

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