{A} <Open Late> Recruiting late night raiders

Open Late has been a long time progression raiding guild since WOTLK and still have core members from that original team. We enjoy our time raiding and down as many bosses as we can in two days (we are possibly looking into opening that to a 3rd day). Currently 2/12 in ToT.

Currently have 3 core spots available and they are as follows:

Resto Shammy/resto druid
Mage or OT (non DK OT)
1 more ranged DPS.

Raid times: Tuesday and Wednesday 10pm-1am Server time.

We are an adult only guild and if you are interested in raiding with us please contact myself or Beaf in game to get a trial run.
Still recruiting? I'm weeks away from raiding but your guys raid schedule works perfectly for me. I am currently leveling a warrior(86) and this mage (just about 80 now) and would be willing to play either. I am coming back from not playing for 4 years. I have high end raid experience in tbc expansion and was apart of a top proggression guild in my server.
if you're still looking for a mage i'm still looking for a raiding group/guild. 515 ilvl but i do not have any raid xp aside from lfr and a fail 25 man pug that couldn't get past 1st boss. I have been looking for a place to call home for a while now and from what i see the times work pritty well for me and I'd be more than willing to try.

i'll be on tonight say after 6 serverish? (supposed to go out to eat with a friend) but usually on those nights for quite awhile.

hit me up with a wisp or bt cwc83#1173

look forward to talkin with ya
500 resto druid here with 6/12 exp with another toon. In game mail me if you still need a healer.

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