nicest oceanic server?

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Frostmourne, from my observation also seems to be the best server for hardcore raiding, but in my heart, I want good friends, so far people are mention Dath'Remar so I am giving it a whirl.
Come to nagrand. we rock, decently populated server too
For good friends, good company and fun then Dath'Remar you cannot go wrong. Many of the "Hardcore" raiding guilds have left the server (although I am trying to change this as the server is missing them), many of the trolls and idiots are gone (I think they left with the hardcore raiding guilds).
eliil - welcome to Dath. If you are some kind of insomniac or like european people who play very early morning, give us a shout. Avalanche is active normally 0300 > 0900 Server. Crazy, I know.

Regardless of what time you are most active, I wish you the best of luck and hope more people will join you, and us on Dath.

Sincerely, Chezwick, Avalanche of Dath'Remar
do the NPCs talk funny? you know like calling people mate and stuff?
do the NPCs talk funny? you know like calling people mate and stuff?

Hehe no. They're still as scripted as ever :P
Don't play Horde on Khaz'goroth. I rolled this character recently and I wish I had of rolled her on my home realm of Durotan, because so far I have encountered nothing but rude morons. I have no idea about Alliance side though, they could be nice.
Come to Frostmourne

Thought I would make a new account and come back to the game Jubei used to be awesome now it is freakin dead :(
I think the main problem isn't the server. Most seem to be basically the same, well besides the stuck up idiots on Frostmourne. It's finding a good guild, one that talks and helps out it's members. Most seem to be in it for themselves.
Oh, I just ended up making toons on all of them for a bit, not that it matters anymore, with vritual realms coming out very soon, it will just be the PVP oceanic and PVE oceanic server.
Saurfang Horde is fairly good, you do get the few idiots but usually everyone is pretty awesome!
I've played on quite a few over the years and Dath seems to be the nicest i've come across.
Dath'remar definitely. I can really only speak for the Horde side but it's a seriously nice bunch of people there.
Well.. I wouldn't suggest Nagrand Horde side.
I have both Alliance and Horde toons on Saurfang, I’m not into PVP that much so I picked the most populated PVE oceanic realm and have been here for quite a while. Each side has it’s idiots but for the most part I have been in friendly guilds and still enjoy playing here

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