Crystal Of Insanity... Nerfed?

Yeah I know RNG etc, but this has been suich an anomaly of all the rares. Each rare 1-4 goes, this I am on 11. WoWhead most seem to get it first few attempts, some unlucky 7. Then add in the competition--even though by this time in the expansion it's a lot less than it was earlier--I am losing my mind. I've even named the 4 bandicoon's that patrol his spawn area. Ah Russel, you're always the slowest. The soothing jeers of Cheif Salysin keep me company.. I am going insane.

Anyone else getting extremely unlucky on this item?
Its just random, I finally got my first xp elixir off krol last night after more than 60 total kills on my account. Meanwhile I got crystal of insanity on first kill. I also have a friend who got it after more than 30 kills in the first week of MoP. RNG is RNG
I randomly tagged him about a day ago for a friend who invited another friend and he got it, me personally I have it on 7 characters some characters got it on their first some took over 10 it's random.
Fair enough. I hope I am not the 1% of people that take 30 kills. I am on #12, it's just odd how this one sticks out easily over all the other rares. I am on a high pop realm, and you have to be right there when he spawns and no longer than 2 seconds, or someone will get it. Every kill someone is their 1 second later.

Impressive you have it on all your alts, I know it's not as farmed now but I just want it on 1 toon at least. Time to make some food and wait for the next spawn. -.- And I thought waiting for 6 kills for the shell was extremely unlucky. zzz.
.....I took 27 kills for the shell, 35 for the crystal. Mind you the only luck I have is bad luck.
35 for the crystal? Jesus, I feel for you heh. I just had #13, and was opened on by a rogue while getting it. Managed to loot and escape. It's definitely lower rate than other rares, I picked up chalice just then second attempt.

It get's to the point where you just want it so you don't have to go there again, rather than the reward of the item. I know that feeling, 2 years still trying to get the archeology battle tank.
Well I am embarrassed but I stayed up till 5am on a Sunday morning and it finally dropped on my 19th kill.
Just to add, tonight I was doing my circle around rares I don't have items of and Sulik was up... I was really surprised so I told my friend. He got the crystal first go, and he says he owes me one lol. I told him I farmed for it for about 20 hours straight. But hey, good to see some people have luck. I picked up the banner just then and got binding stone first go. Flute, rod, havak's item however are entering the BL zone.
I was in the same boat as you farming the Crystal of Insanity. The one item I wanted and it took me multiple kills and many hours to pick (I tried not to count).

On the flip side though, I got super lucky with every other vanity item I wanted from these rares. Rod of Ambershaping, Sky mirror, Golden Fleece, and many others all dropped after 1-2 kills. I don't have them all yet, but my luck was bad on Sulik and much better on the others.
I got it on my second kill.

Mr. Smite's Brass Compass on the other hand... 52 kills -_-
Took me about 25 kills to get mine on my mage. I never sat there and camped him but every time I logged in, the first thing I'd do was check to see if he was up. While waiting for LFR queues, I'd swing by and check on him. He's camped pretty regularly on Earthen Ring but you can still find him up if you're persistent and keep checking.

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