Mining+? For a new paladin?

Topic. I'm new to WoW and am leveling up a new Paladin, and if I take an alt far it will be a caster (warlock, priest, Druid). I've been just mining and herbs on all so far, but I'd like to craft something. Part role-play, part profit, part so I don't have to harvest all those nodes! Lol

1. I thought Mining/BS. Right up my alley, but I hear BS is a pain to level.
2. Thought herbs/Inscription. I've heard I can maybe level that up while collecting herbs while questing. Only problem is the perks of those professions don't seem best suites to a paladin.

I have like 20g to my name, but a bank full of copper ore and low level herbs. I'd rather my paladin be a miner for the Stamina boost, but is it worth it to try and train BS or JC while I quest and mine? Any other plate-wearing characters opt for the herbalism and inscription route?
What i suggest you do is go mining/herb or mining/skinning for the time being. As you level up you've got other things you need your gold for, such as riding skills, gear, glyphs and so on. Sell what you gather.

Once you're leveled up, then worry about a crafting profession. At that point you'll be able to fund it through farming, gathering, item flipping, or whatever.

As far as which profession, Inscription is very profitable but takes some patience, and if you intend to sell glyphs it can take a great deal of your time depending on competition. It is, however, easy and cheap to skill up.

For BS, it is more expensive to level initially, but is a good trade for a paladin. I like it's profession perks in general. I also find it to be a fairly good moneymaker. BS has a number of niche markets you can attempt.
Consortium is dead on in his advice. While I larp and do understand the appeal of RP, the appeal of being able to pay for yourself and buy the things you need (not necessarily want...but need) without whining, begging, borrowing or waiting long lengths of time vastly outweigh the small amount of RP you'd garner from a low level crafting profession.

Mining and Herbalism are what I tell every new player or reroll to get and then I advise them to keep them leveled as they level themselves so that they can always gather as they move into new zones. I have a new toon on a different server than my main and I've paid for flight (but not fast flight), bought my bank tabs, bags and glyphs and still have ore and herbs left to sell. Being self sufficient is important to me - and by this I mean with gold, not that I don't buy the goods that others can produce. I want to pay for my own things and I do this with new characters by gathering.

Once your paladin is of high level you can mine/herb for all the materials you will need to level a crafting profession and then you can drop the gathering professions. I made a few hundred gold last night selling fel iron and thorium so gathering is definitely worthwhile. When I hit 90 I'm likely to go JC/Alchemy just like my main and then make an enchanting/scribe alt.

Best of luck to you and if you have more questions just ask. We're happy to help new players.
Thanks guys. Patience is a virtue! The other reason to hit level 90 first is to make sure this ends up being my main.
I always went mining/herbalism or mining/skinning until about level 30. at that point i chose my crafting profession. My pally is an engineer/miner. It is a pain to level but I love the extra range dps i get once in a while from trinkets and the goblin glider. my warrior is a blacksmith. I would choose your profession based on how you view your character. engineering never made money until pandaria. I can make a little money now. my jewelcrater/enchanter is my money maker. but i have other miners to feed it.
I don't even bother with the crafting professions while leveling, because you level so fast that your professions are way out of sync. You're not going to be able to keep BS at a level that is useful unless you really take time away from leveling to focus on the profession. Once you hit the level cap, it's much faster to farm or buy mats for your gathering profession.

I say go mine+herb and keep your mats. Once you hit 90, go BS+mining, and if you get good at making gold without farming, switch to BS+JC.

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