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Hi my current computer is a Dell Inspiron 620. it has the i5 3.0Ghz processor, integrated GPU and 300w PSU.. Thinking of making a slight modification by getting a graphics card. thinking of HD7750. is that a good card as far as like say high settings for 10m? also would i need a new PSU? someone told me i wouldnt but im afraid it might burn the PSU out. Would i also need a fan or something like that to help it cool more that it will be having a stand alone GPU? help would be appreciated.
Standard power supplies should be able to put out enough amps on the 12V rail to satisfy any low powered card such as the HD 7750. JUST BE SURE OF TWO THINGS.

1.) If your tower is a mini tower and uses low profile cards, make sure you get the low profile version

2.) Make sure it's GDDR5 not GDDR3. Many of the GDDR3 versions are 2GB but that's misleading as it still has only half the power.
Ty it is the smaller tower so ill try to look for a smaller profile card.. do you think i would need to buy a fan as well? if so what would you suggest?
Fan not sure, but here you go:
There's a Sapphire version also.
ty for the info.. one more question.. what performance should i expect out of it?,3297-13.html

The 7750 is averaging 42 fps there at 1080p, high settings, 8x AF, 4x AA. The cpu is an I7 Sandy Bridge-E oc'd to 4.2ghz, so that's a pretty boss cpu.

I'd count on running high settings with smooth fps in virtually every scenario. World Bosses may get a bit choppy. You could run ultra if you wanted, but might notice some rough fps in crowded areas.

If you try ultra settings, keep shadows to only high or even down to good, SSAO probably on low, and go with only 2x AA, or even 1x. Possibly particle density would need to be a notch down from highest.

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