PvP help?

So I did some moonkin 2s with a resto shaman friend. We didn't do as well as we liked, reaching as high as 1499. Maybe we're not good, maybe it's our horrible spec. Anyhow, some questions.

1) How is feral for arena?

2) Good 2s and 3s comp for moonkin?
Never seen a boom-chicken do well in 2s ... especially boom/healer. I have seen 2 comps that preformed decently at 1700+ level ... boom/ele with both off healing alot ... also boom/aflic was a bit annoying but only if they got the demo gate down.

in 3s boom-chicken / Lock / healer has alot of potential

Feral is decent for arena if you know how to play.
I'd want to play Boomkin / Fire Mage / Healer simply so I could say I run a Spicy Chicken Cleave. :p

My best guess is an aff lock or a spriest. Both are quite strong right now (especially the spriest).
Feral would cerainly be better for 2s.

But why 2s? 2s is just a clusterfukk of ridiculous imbalance that ends in 5 seconds, or its 2 teams that cant kill anything and the game lasts an hour and a half. I'd suggest getting a healer and doing 3s, there you would have better luck as boomy too I believe.

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