522 Disc Priest 11/13H exp LF HM guild!

Guild Recruitment
• I was 15/16H last tier, 1/13H this tier on this toon. I have 11/13H on my druid.
• I have raided competitively on my priest and my druid, all throughout the history of this game. I keep up with everything.
• I do have logs available, albeit not extensive ones. We don't log every week, but I do have some. I do rank, but I personally believe this is not the way to judge a healer. What lies within the logs is the information that you can find valuable.
• My priest's current ilvl is 521/523
• I have completed all gold cmodes on this toon.

LF a
• 10man.
• A 3/13H-5/13H guild is perfectly fine. I just want to do more than I currently am.
Anytime after 11:30 CST Tues-Thurs, then Fri-Mon are negotiable.
Less hours is more attractive.

If I interest you, please reply here or leave a way I can contact you. I most definitely will want to have a vent/mumble conversation.

Realid: bex#1372
Hey we are new on BUrning legion and we are making a huge impact in just a over a week here we have already bumped our way to #1 alliance guild and will be Nipping at Hc's heels we are looking for a Disc priest for our 10 man Raid due to a weak healing link we have right now we will be Pushing hard in to heroic content and would love to have u we will pay for ur faction chance since u are already on our realm if ur interested plz let me know heres My tag Mako#1649 and I did read ur post any guild would be happy to have u u seem like a great player and even if u don't join us we here at Pops collars wish u the best
LF guild :)
<Symbiotic> is recruiting 1 healer and 1 dps for our core 25-M progression raid. Please contact us if interested.

Guild: Symbiotic
Realm: Blackrock (Horde)
Progression: ToT 2/13H
Website: http://symbioticsh.guildportal.com
Email: SymbioticRaiding@gmail.com
Realid: BATTLETAG® juju#1644
Raid Times: tue, wed, thu, sun 7-10 PST
I need the guild I choose to be a weekend raiding guild.
05/06/2013 07:36 PMPosted by Espoir
I need the guild I choose to be a weekend raiding guild.

Making me pretty sad :(
Read your post sadly I can not offer you weekend raiding so a friendly bump will have to suffice. Good luck in your search Espoir.
Thanks Darni :) Bump!

Also, possibly willing to raid on non-weekend days. As long as they don't interfere with my other raid's times!
ohhh ohhh I know :P this guild is just right for you!

__________________________________Invicto Gaming________________________________
Horde | US-Stormreaver | 10man | Raiding Guild | Invicto-gaming.com

Raid Times - [Tuesday|Wednesday|Thursday]

PST – 10PM-1AM
CST - 12:00PM-3AM

* During progression, raid times might be extended if close to a new kill.

Current Progression | 1/13 Heroic

What I'm Looking for

I'm looking for players who understand what it means to play as a team.
I'm not looking for meter jockeys, who only focus on numbers, I'm looking for skillful players that understand learning mechanics and playing together earns more kills. This is a heroic progression guild. If you don't have the desire to be your best then turn away now.

What I expect from you

¤ Previous Heroic Raid Experience (The more the better)
¤ Basic understanding of WoL and how to read logs
¤ Ability to listen to a raid leader
¤ Actively utilize guild forums for optimization and guild information
¤ Full understanding of your class and specs
¤ Able to learn raid mechanics and once learned consistently perform them
¤ Dependability, determination and dedication and consistency in performance

What We don't need

¤ Meter/Number Junkies
¤ Immature members
¤ Ego manics who feel there is nothing to improve
¤ Players who feel they are entitled to lead the raid

Tanks: Monk, Death Knight, Druid
Healers: Paladin, Monk, Priest
RDPS: Warlock, Shaman, Druid

If you're interested in the same things we want, then please contact me below.
Please have WoL link and armory link available.
Also, if you don't have mumble please be ready to install it for the apping process.

Contact Angrydruid/Angrybob (BloodRaged#1607)

Thank you for your time and consideration!
Would really like to discuss my opening on the raid team in game or on ventrilo hit me up later today heres my b tag deathscorp#2305
Loved the time and effort you put into your post!! I am a priest healer and not much of a shadow person myself! Although I favor holy. I currently have 3 level 90 priests lol.
I can not offer you the raid guild you are looking for but I would love to offer you the opportunity to check out a social guild and meet some wonderful people! You sound like a fun person to be around and I love your dedication to the game and your serious attitude towards your raid group.
If you would like to meet some people with the same ideas as yours then please - I invite you to create a toon on Winterhoof and look me up!! I will privately give you battle tag at that time and even discuss ideas and opportunities we have available.
Any The Knights Templar guild member can invite you to the guild - Send me an in game note!
I wish you well on your search for that perfect guild - in the mean time - pst me, let's talk! :)
Hi there,

It's possible you might be a good fit for us. We're currently 2/12H and could use another healer.

The basics
  • Guild format: one 10 man group, small roster
  • Raid times: Saturday/Sunday 1-5 pm ST (CST) (7-11pm GMT) (only!)
  • Server: Sargeras (PvP)- high alliance population, Chicago datacenter
  • Contact: Lotek (Battletag Lotek#2700)
  • Application: via website, http://www.deviseguild.com/apply

  • You can find our full recruitment blurb on our WoWProgress page. (http://www.wowprogress.com/guild/us/sargeras/devise) Hope to hear from you soon!

    not going to bore you with a whole life story. short and sweet.

    korgath server, alliance.

    9/12tot in need of you!

    tues/thurs 8-11 cst

    if your still looking heres my b-tag
    Whoops, updated and bump.
    Had some interesting offers, but still bump!

    My group has been playing together forever and we've had some 3-4 players really hold us back this tier, and we're looking to to find more members to fill our slots, we've filled a couple but still need 2 Healers We're ready to into Heroic progression and hardcore styled raiding, we need like-minded individual's for this who know what they're doing and know what they want in WoW. We're looking for people we don't have to remind to do a mechanic or remind to watch a video, no we're going hardcore you should know your stuff. Logs are a plus if you have them, also a interview will be likely needed.

    Some Extra Info:
    Format: 10 Man

    Raid Times: 5pm-8pm PST Tues, Thurs and Sunday.

    Current Progress; We have the entire tiers of T14 and T15 on farm. We also are 2/13 Heroic.

    Loot: Loot Council.

    Communications: We use vent, Mic is a huge plus if you have one

    Contact information: Chaseda#1139

    We need the following.

    1 Needed Heals; *=Preferred

    1 Needed Tank; *=Preferred

    We are not going to tolerate cockiness, inconsistency, or loot hogs. We're here to progress, and work as a team, if you can't get along with another member it will be resolved immediately. We want people who are here to push hard progression and be the best.

    We want 495 at the minimum.

    Knowing your Class/Role:
    We expect you to know what you're doing and not be herp derping around. We expect you to have your Macros made, and keybinds keybound.

    Show up to a raid you accept, I will provide you with resources to message us if there's an irl emergency or issue that makes you unable to show up, but we require a 90% attendance rating with no toleration.

    If you think Embrace sounds like the right place for you, and you can agree to everything I've stated above, feel free to message me for further information.

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