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Currently LF2M - Healer and DPS for Challenge Mode runs on :

Saturday 11th May
Sunday 12th May
(Don't have exact time but should be during the day)

Healer(Priority order)
    Priest (Disc)
    Shaman =/= Druid =/= Monk

    Hunter =/= Mage =/= Ele Shaman

We have a Blood DK tank (myself) and I have created this character for the sole purpose of completing challenge modes within gold time frame, also 2 of my RL friends will be joining me for this, a ret paladin and a demo warlock. We are pretty chill and would like to get it all done next weekend or the following weekend. All we require is that you know your class well, are 463 geared and down to earth and chill. If your good and enjoy it and make it fun , I might even send you some beer (Aussies!).

For interested people, please post here or add me:
Greywolf#1595 (Won't be on tonight i'm working)

Other people feel free to post in thread if you are also creating a challenge mode group.

Thanks all
Is it possible for me to group up with people that are on oceanic servers?

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