<Ruin> A PvP guild needs server transfers

<Ruin> A highly rated PvP guild is recruiting for arena, RBGS, and potential raiding. Requirements are 1750+ rating but might consider 1500+. We are a mature, fun guild and will only accept respectful players. If you are interested please whisper me in game or post in this thread.

We strongly accept server transfers and will guarantee 1700+ RBG rating for anyone that needs it! We have WPvP, arena, RBG, and raiding. We try to accept only 18+ players but will consider the younger mature ones. Gul'dan has been lacking players and if you are tired of a high pop but still want to play for rating then consider Ruin Gaming on Gul'dan!

Please visit our website @ http://www.ruinnation.com/
I am currently leveling my warrior on Tich Horde for pvp (too cheap to pay xfer). I may be interested. Can you give me more specifics?

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