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Bleeding Hollow
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<fights like a gurl>[A] is recruiting SOCIAL and active Players interested in WPvP and Casual BGing along with some world events. We REQUIRE all members to Download and USE mumble during WPvP and Events you dont have to talk but players need to be able to listen.

Our central objective is to offer people a place to enjoy PvP with social players and NO trolling amongst members while enjoying coordination in PvP. Players MUST realize that there will not be a guild sponsored event running every day you will have to be able to have fun without having your hands held. If you sign up for an event and dont show you will be ineligible for events for a minimum of 1 Week and repeat offenses will result in being removed..as will inactivity.

If this type of guild interests you and you are level 85+ contact me on my Battletag Kagrenac#1755 for more info.

Recruitment: We are looking for more casters Boomies/Locks/Mages and Healers in general. Melee are welcome.
No thanks jeff.
http://i.imgur.com/wAceF.png this is kag's skill in a nutshell
Good times lol
For the past, even encouraging WPvPers to consider joining FLAG but u done F'd up here and have aggro'd my disdain.

For the past 10 days, <flag> has been intentionally withdrawn from ALL large scale WPvP. With butthurt-a-brewing last night, we brought ~16 players to a 40 man raid group (40% of the entire raid) and coordinated in our own mumble because we were already in there and formed doing other stuff. According to recount, our 40% outperformed the other 60% by far. Our proud faction and even some horde guilds apparently really become upset when <flag> doesn't "participate". (see above) But that's not the reason we took a 10 day break. Whisper any member in <fights like a gurl> to find out about all the events and learning experiences we've had a blast doing during our absence from WPvP. We are back in the fight now.
I am now full purple epic gear Bump

i ran lousy Ally CTA's till 2am after epic WPVP and an epic week of fun and bonding with <flag> in all aspects

Do you see me overusing epic because i am all epic gear now.

OH Snaps

So like I hurd Svard is a flagget now
Someone lied Svard is not and will not join flag
Someone lied Svard is not and will not join flag


Co-GM here, feel free to message me if you are interested in joining

Btag: Garolak#1337
05/03/2013 01:04 PMPosted by Garo

Garo: Summed up.
Bump over bad threads.

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