Xmog set to look like Mortuus?

I dont know how many people out there have seen the oxhorn videos on youtube but i am trying to build a transmog set to make my 90 undead rogue look like mortuus. the undead rogue from the videos. I cant find anything online so i am turning to you guys to see if any of you have any ideas of where i can get the items needed to look like him.

this is what he looks like:

im still lookin does noone have any ideas?
I would like to tell you the set but i'm too lazy to.
I'm not really sure what is compelling you to dress so terribly. Fortunately for everyone in your general vicinity I could not identify the exact set. It may, after all, not be a designated set and simply be mixed greens.

Unfortunately, I have two suggestions on where you may find the answer you seek or the resources to produce an equally hideous costume.

1. Wowhead has created articles for every class in the game which they keep up to date. In them they list all their known transmog sets, right down to the classic world green sets. This is where I looked for Mortuus' set, but could not see it. Scroll down to the bottom and you'll find the BoE greens section. You can probably pick something from there that is brown and run down.

Edit: Adding the URL to the rogue transmog page:

2. Alternatively or additionally you may download the addon "Mogit". The standalone version may be enough for what you're doing but the other plug-in addons can't hurt widen your horizons. [You can download this mod from curse.com, if you have never done addons before. Should probably look up how to do that, but it's not what I'm here for so moving on!]. With Mogit you will be able to browse each individual leather piece for each equipment slot, allowing you to make a set to resemble the one Mortuus uses. You may even find the exact pieces.

Hope this doesn't help you get ugly
Well it's a huge part of our history and we need to honor those who have made our history better in vanilla. Secondly, I found the whole set just by being a detective and putting thought into it. So I did have to mismatch my gear as the drop rates were extremely low.
Another thing is that, this was good looking gear to wear in vanilla, not stat wise, but as a cool set. Obviously in vanilla they had different standards of an awesome gear set, but times change and at the least this is decent transmog nowadays. If any of the fans notice you in this set it makes you feel as you have honored the people who made the WOW machinimas because they are long forgotten

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