[A] <Ex Inferno> Need Raid Leader

[L25]<Ex Inferno> is a small gaming community with guilds on both Horde & Alliance. We try and foster a laid-back, chilled out environment for fun but focused people.

I am looking for a Raid Leader to head up our Core Raid Group. You will be able to set the Raid times that work best for you.

What do we have to offer?

I'll help with recruiting. We have a 250+ person Mumble server, Website, Forums, IRC Channel and a great existing community of good people.

How can I contact you?

If interested, find "Sick" on our Mumble server to discuss possibilities.

We are open to Guild Mergers too if you perhaps have a smaller guild and lack resources.

Make sure you click on our "Apply" page over @ our website and read our "Core Values". They are the ties that bind us together.

exinferno . com (Sorry, Blizzard won't let you link to anything *sigh*)

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