Brewmaster questions

So as i was leveling and gearing up I read that 2h was better for brewmaster. it was supposed to give more brew charges and strangely enough more ox orbs.
I've been reading alot more recent stuff though and everyone is saying DW all the way. Whats changed?
Also as i have done with my other tanks ive hit the hit cap and hard expertise cap but it doesnt seem like thats what everyone else is doing. I prefer not missing but am i missing something big?
lastly at my gear level and with keeping my hit caps I have only been able to muster like 4000 some haste. I know crit is better with t15 2pc but i dont have it and i also haven't hit the "cap" where ascension gives more chi then power strikes. would i be fine to go ascension now or should i get closer to 6k?
Also feel free to armory me and give any advice you may have.
I know I don't have all the enchants and stuff but as of now im a pug hero and ive been gearing insanely fast so I'd rather save the money but next time i get on i do plan on going through and looking at what needs enchants.
2h may be better overall for brew stacks (I don't know the math) but its always felt random and spiky imo.

With dual weilding, you get a more consistant flow of stacks, as well as the bonus of being able to enchant both of them.

As for haste, I feel best around 5.5k, but its all about personal preference. Ascension all the way once you can get to about 5k haste without dropping exp/hit caps.

Expertise cap = 15%. No debate. If a keg gets parried when you need to purify you will either die or waste your healer's mana trying to spam heal you up.

Hit soft cap = 7.5%, I've heard stay here if you can, prob will go over as you get better gear.
2H generates more EB stacks per crit but since the swing timer is lower they can come a bit sporadic. DW generates a constant stream of Crit's but the difference in total stacks vs 2H is negligible.

In general BrM want the highest iLevel weapons they can get bu I prefer DW for the EB generation and is a clear winner if you ever run as WW.
Expertise cap = 15%. No debate. If a keg gets parried when you need to purify you will either die or waste your healer's mana trying to spam heal you up.

OP if your struggling to get enough haste to keep up Shuffle/Guard like you should be then I would hold off on pushing the 15% cap until you have that squared away. Try something like this I suggest(Just hit the optimize button):
- If you want the 15% cap just put 0.85 into the after soft cap weight for Expertise

A missed KS only cost you 1 Chi, 8 energy, and 1 GCD so it's not a huge loss more of an annoyance. So if your suffering with low energy regen the points are better off in Haste than Expertise.

I ran all of T15 normal with 7.5% expertise and only switched a few weeks ago when we started heroics.
I have no problem keeping shuffle up infact I laugh many times because we will finish a boss and i notice i still have over a minute of shuffle qued up.
sure thats may be me not using PB enough or something along those lines but im not doing any hardcore progression right now and I'm not dying really so ill work on that.
I was just curious when people are normally switching to ascension instead of looking at spreadsheets showing me perfect condition thresh holds

thanks for the info though its appreciated. I should probably hit the haste cap after some better gearing. Ive only had this guy 90 for like a week and a half hes gotten extremely lucky for doing only pugs and such.
I prefer Ascension. Gives me a bit more freedom in Haste versus Mastery (we're pushing Heroics and they hit like trucks) and lets me pool 3 Chi instead of two. I've grown really used to that extra Chi.
I can imagine. with power strikes you can't really pool chi like you would want to thats why I've considered just switching to ascension early because 1 more chi would be real nice and while it may not be the best chi generator per fight with my haste im also not perfect and im probably not using power strikes on cooldown.
I could maybe do that but my weak auras is being sort of buggy and is not tracking it properly >_>
I think I have too many trackers.
ascension is only as good as your haste. it's worse then powerstrikes under 6k haste.

6k-6500 it preforms basically the same (slightly better) and from 6500+ its much better.

also 15% expertise isnt 100% mandatory i run at around 12% 8/10 times.

(ji kun trink pulls me to 15%. otherwise im at 12%.) but ive never had any issues with more then 10% expertise. just pool one chi at all times for to purify. (difficult toll you get the hang of it.)
Thats the problem I currently have is with just 4 chi slots its hard to always have 1 chi since the power strikes can sometimes make you cap so I typically hit red and wait a second or 2 or I cleanse semi early watching my stagger tracker for when its on the tipping point of yellow to red

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