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No new pets this year so nothing to acquire, but I just used a flawless stone on my Wolvar pup yesterday and can't wait to level him.
I've been using good ol' Scooter the Snail. One of my first 25s.

Haven't been working getting more pets since I have at least one of each now from this event.
Whiskers is the best familiar a mage could ask for. I used a critter stone on him so he could be rare, as he should be. I keep him out during all my raids - he's my good luck charm!
I like his move set (the future version of it anyway... with a change coming in 5.3), but I don't play with him only because he is really ugly.

As far as the quest, the quest chain is actually very fun. It's nostalgic in some ways to go through all the old zones I've leveled through, and visit all the old places that used to be so intriguing and new at some point. I have to say, BC was a pretty cool expansion, and sort of wish it got redone so that there would be a reason to go there at max level too. It's fun to hang around zangmarsh.

I remember how it was such a big deal to open up the portal, and going through all the new zones and instances. It's one of the most well organized expansions in WoW. I'll probably make another DK just to go through some of these instances again at an appropriate level.
He was my third ever 25, I love him but he is not the strongest guy out there. Thought it is more my fault for leveling an uncommon, I actually leveled 2 in my first three 25s proto-drake was the other. I do like the incoming changes to willy though.
I finally decided to get them all this year, did the quests on 4 toons.
My wolvar pup....
got him last year and recently made him a rare he is one of the toughest pets ever....

I've wondered about leveling mine.

Thanks for the encouragement.
I ran into a wolvar pup a few times, it surprised me. It hits really hard, wasn't ready got beat up.
curious wolven pup is my fav
Another vote for Kekek here!
I love my Willy. Though I don't use him that much since it is green.

that post just made my night lol sorry gamer sense of humor here

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