<Royal Militia> needs a Disc/Holy! 9/13H

Bleeding Hollow
Class Needs: We have one immediate opening in our core group for a disc/holy priest. This is NOT a backup spot. Unless you suck, you will see nearly 100% action, as we do nearly every fight with a disc priest. This is a *RIGHT NOW* type of spot, so we're really looking for someone who has some Heroic ToT experience and preferably a decent amount of gear.

Raid Times: During progression, RM raids 3 days a week from 8pm to midnight EST. We raid 3 days of (Tues, Thurs, Sun, Mon), whichever works best for the group on a given week. During holidays and farm content, we typically raid fewer days.

Current Progression: RM is currently 9/13H, ranked US 27th 10 man. We were 16/16H pre-5.2 (Cutting Edge: Sha of Fear).

Loot System: Being a 10 man, we do not use a rigorous DKP system. Most loot is handled via /roll. We're all mature enough to look at who needs upgrades and make sure that the loot is used most effectively.

Brief History: <Royal Militia> is the oldest active raiding guild on Bleeding Hollow. Our guild was founded on launch day and has progression raided every instance since Molten Core without exception and downed nearly every boss when current.

Our current group consists of many players from the Vanilla days as well as players we have picked up over various expansions. Most of us are mature players who have other commitments which prevent 24/7 WoW, so the goal is to maximize the progression we can achieve in the time we have available.

Perks: We provide repairs, feasts, Vent, and an active forum which is used for raid scheduling, strategy discussions, and random topics.

How to Apply: visit our website at royalmilitia.taggedup.com and apply in the recruitment forum.

Contact: Any questions? Want to chat before applying? Contact any officer:

-Mini#1532, Minimerlinx on US-Bleeding Hollow
Still looking for an amazing Priest!
We miss spirit shell :(


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wat happen 2 isamoo?
wat happen 2 isamoo?

He wants to fly all over the world like a bigshot for his new job :/
Depending on a number of factors, I will also sponsor your move / faction change, if you're from a different server. We are that accommodating!
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bump for some cool bros.
Respect for Royal Militia, one of the best guild from Bleeding Hollow!

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