Leatherworking/Tailoring leveling like BS?

Any idea if there are any plans for these two professions to be updated so that you can level similar to Blacksmithing?

Tailoring especially needs an overhaul for the Wrath recipes. It takes approximately 1200 Frostweave cloth to level it and the droprate for Frostweave is WAY too low to do it in a timely manner.
I haven't seen anything but I completely understand your point. I've always wondered why they would do BS and not LW and tailoring. The only thing that comes to mind is that CRZ has really sucked the mining nodes out of game play, but there are plenty of NPCs/mobs to kill for cloth and leather. The herbs are heavily plicked to, but Alch seems to need a lot less of them to skill up compared to BS so maybe I understand that angle too. Of course all this is conjecture on my part.

However we are several xpacks into WoW and it would be nice to have a catch up mechanic using MoP materials for everyone. Then maybe another 3 or 4 xpacks from now. Anybody else?
I have all 3 professions maxed and believe me, LW is by far the worst.

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