Mobile Armory causing account to lock?

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Okay, so after mobile guild chat was released for free, i quickly downloaded it. It was nice to be able to let my guildies know i was coming for the next rbg, and arrange things while i was out and about. However, lately, whenever i get onto my Mobile Armory, my account gets locked due to suspicious activity. I know this is a safeguard put into place by Blizzard to protect their customers from account theft, and its reasonable to a certain extent, however the Armory is mobile for a reason. I should be able to go anywhere and log into it, because if i was in my house and using it, well...that would be pointless now wouldn't it. I can't use Armory on any other WiFi but my own, and i am finding this a problem. Anyone else have this issue, and if so Blizzard, can you fix it?
We've posted a solution on our Customer Support forum:

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