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Death Knight
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7/10 I like the shoulders and dress. The weapon needs some work.

7/10 The shoulders kinda creep me out and they don't really go w/ the rest of the outfit. That weapon is also kind of iffy.
Your sword is kinda.... tiny. 8/10
Your sword is kinda.... tiny. 8/10

you're a druid, but I still like the set

@ Twerk: You look scary! 10/10

Belt doesn't match, hair clips with the helm, and frankly it needs a cape. Fix those and I'd give you a 10/10, but for now, 8/10.

For me, I'm just a sucker for sets that cover your face. Still looking for a good 2H sword and cape to match. Any suggestions?
05/08/2013 06:14 AMPosted by Twerk
Your sword is kinda.... tiny. 8/10

you're a druid, but I still like the set


Isn't this a Druid set??? The tabard is Cenarion Expedition, and they are Druids, the helmet and staff came from druid class quests, and some of the rest are in a druid set. Like my shoulders.
Looks weak...Good thing your a DK. ;)
8/10 everything but the belt matches well enough. Even though that is a DK set, to me it just doesn't seem very Death knight like.
10/10 I like everything....you look ferocious.
7.5/10. In on the outfit...Got to get a new weapon mog though =)
9/10 @ Drefty
Like how you're going for the whole "true" blood death knight.
meh, 7, that wep is really throwing off your purple skull theme sir..

meanwhile, it took me since wrath to get this set together finally, but im pleased with the results. im particularly fond of these weps, cause they sheath on the back.

(I have the red scourgelord set too btw for blood, this is frost spec)
@ Cascar

Not to overly critique your gear but I'd just use the green starter belt to hide your current. Just because the belt to actually match that set is to hide it. Not really a fan of any of the boot options but that is blizzard's fault for not having one for the Normal 25 set. Always angered me. Past that my favorite 1 hander Slayer of the Lifeless for sitting on the back. But Mograine is my favorite DK anyway. Personally I just have had to hide some helms as a draenei cause they just don't sit wrong. Tier 10 is one of those to me as a female. Look fine on males.

Prolly 8/10 just because the weapons don't quite match (I'd have gone rune sword) and the belt thing. Technically the 25 man heroic red set's belt matches how it'd look if you hid your current.
@ Tor:

Looks great, love the blue/purple accents and that sword is the perfect 2Her for the look.

Well Done!
@ zak Axe goes great with the set pretty cool imo
9/10 well done with worgen

I need a chest, wep and gloves... any suggestions?
@ Poundtownqt
For the chest, I'd check the Doomplate Chestguard from H Arcatraz or the Rot Resistant Breastplate from H ICC25
For the gloves, I'd suggest the Doomplate Gauntlets from H Blood Furnace or the Fallen Lord's Handguards from H ICC25.
For a weapon, I would use Demonslayer, rare world drop, Claymore of the Prophet from Argent Tournament, Shaarde the Greater from Mana Tombs, or Zoid's Firelit Greatsword from Firelands.
If you would consider a 2H mace, check out the Torch of the Damned from BT.
Hope that gives you some ideas...
9/10, been trying to get that sword for a while
Screw all of you. Banana Man is still king!
All banana jokes aside that doesnt look 1/2 bad!

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