Queue times?

I'm currently planning a realm transfer from a low-pop realm to a high-pop realm. Stormrage appears to have the highest alliance popualtion of all the servers, but my primary question is this: How bad are the queue times? You hear horror stories about 2-6 hour queue times to log in to high-pop realms sometime, and unfortunately if this is the case then I'll have to look to another realm?

Also, secondary question...how well do ToT pugs usually do? I have yet to find a pug for ANY raid on my realm that can make it past the first boss.
As long as you get on before 6pm you wont have much of an issue with que times. The longest que i had to sit on was about 30-45 mins. As for pugs. I have a few friends say they gotten to forgotten and one has gotten to lei shen. All depends on the group make up. Also you cant go with out 10 mins with out seeing a ToT pug going on in trade chat
Lightbringer is another high pop alliance-dominated realm that doesn't have a queue time. Proudmoore as well. I'd recommend looking into those servers.

I've waited in a queue for 45 min to an hour before. Plus there was massive lag a couple weeks ago because there are so many players. It's very rare to find a day where there isn't a queue during prime time. Tonight seems to be the exception, although I'd expect queue times to pick up again when 5.3 is released.
The massive lag a few weeks ago had nothing to do with Blizzard but rather a DDOS attack on another company which affected lots of users.
Queue times bad around 9:00 on tues,wed,thurs I logged in at 9:05 last night and got in to the realm at 9:30.
Stormrage is a great server... so much so that at this point it is full. If
you could transfer over, expect log in queues that exceed 60 minutes during
peak hours especially on Tuesdays.

Nearly every night there's been a queue time just to get on. So if you and
your friends are going raid on Tuesday/Wednesday, forget about it unless you
log on a good 45 minutes before your raid time...

Even on weekends there's been login queue times, I actually had a queue time
on Sunday!

And it's not like the problem is being fixed. The queue times keep growing. I've been DC'd in the middle of a raid, and then was made to wait in an 800+ queue in less than 10 minutes.

I recommend Proudmore(PVE) or Kel'Thuzad(PVP) as strong alternatives to Stormrage. They are essentially the same as us with a very strong alliance population in the 10,000+
The massive lag a few weeks ago had nothing to do with Blizzard but rather a DDOS attack on another company which affected lots of users.

Even if a DDOS attack was a factor, the odd thing about it is that other Chicago datacenter servers weren't much affected. Emerald Dream was fine from what I could tell, and that's another high pop server in the Chicago datacenter. I just think there's gotta be more to the story than a networking issue with most of the lag issues occuring on Stormrage specifically.

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