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05/08/2013 04:02 PMPosted by Rholand
We don't need more playable races.
I wish never would have put new races would be better if only they were the classic wow. (Except for the goblins, is the only race that I think was well placed).

I would have loved a wow without the draenei. Besides being a nasty retcon Also are too boring. And the blood elves, they had to be all under the illidan service. For me it never had to be of the horde.

No more races!!!!!!!

I can't believe people are still complaining about a minor retcon of a single sentence in a game insert thingy.

Where are the people complaining about the WC2 orcs being retconned?
05/08/2013 02:29 PMPosted by Felorin
Yeah... One satyr.

Nobundo was one Draenei Shaman. Upon learning shamanism, he taught it to other Draenei. Satyr's wouldn't really work, but this line of reasoning is weak.

However, said satyr got reverted to his elven form, and presumably would've been declared an outcast (if he hadn't already) by his fellow satyr by rejecting the core essence of who they are; not only that, all signs point to it being a singular act. By contrast, Nobundo was finding an alternative path of expressing himself and his followers as the draenei they once and still were, and was accepted by his peers once he'd returned to them.

In other words, if anything, the two are more like polar opposites of each other.
I really hope the Burning Legion storyline isn't played out again. There really wouldn't be much that they could do with that imho. Although, with as many times as Saragas has shown his ugly face it wouldn't surprise me any at all. If they do deal with the Burning Legion again I hope that they some how bring both Illidan and Madiv back into the fray. Illidan I know died but lets face it, the Priests, Druids, Shamans, and Paladins can rez people so for all intense and purposes Illidan could still be alive, AND in the end after the fight in The Black Temple Illidan seemed to come out of his madness, that and Illidan knew before he went mad that the possibility of him losing his mind was there if he didn't succeed at killing the Lich King if I remember right.

As for Mediv I know the storyline says he's dead but after reading the book Thrall I'm not so sure he is truly dead. If I remember right Thrall ends up in a type of Void section of time where mediv is basically in limbo so to speak, he's not dead but yet he's not of the living world at the time either. He's basically, as Doctor Who would put a bubble universe so to speak. I feel that Mediv's story could be revisited and explored a whole lot more than it has been.

Although, if I were the head of the dev team or whatever and I were too bring the Burning Legion back into the fray I would also bring the original titans back into the storyline. Not to destroy Azeroth but to help put Saragas into check. I would also make the storyline to where the Titans do at first glace think that they needed to destroy the people of Azeroth due to the imperfections but then have them very quickly realize that for thousands of years the races of Azeroth have not only fought a just fight against their fellow Titan but have also worked tirelessly to save Azeroth and have been some what successful despite the odds against them, thus finding that with all their imperfections the of races of the world, Azeroth is very much in Capable hands despite the Titans original design.
what about crystal satyrs? they don't seem evil or demonic and we could some cool crystalsong forest architecture from them. maybe they become playable in another northrend expansion
By the same token, though, we've never seen them do anything at all, considering how underutilized Crystalsong ended up (though, with good reason from a gameplay perspective).
well considering what the next expansion probably will be I'd think you could easily have a few infernals crash into the place and the crystal satyr take up arms against them
Forget Satyrs. I would rather play as Broken than them.
In all honesty, I really don't want any new playable races. Balancing lore between the races we have has already become a nightmare, and any new one introduced at this point is probably going to be given to worgen treatment.

I would however like for different models to be added to the races, such as Mag'har/blackrock orcs, wildhammer/dark iron dwarves etc etc. Satyrs "might" work as a nightelf reskin, but it would have to undergo some drastic model changes for them to be able to use armor, and the fact there is no female version.
The only "Fallen but Repentant Highborne" race I'd be interested in are Naga.

The Satyr are boring. Fuzzy goat-people who live in huts, summon demons, and enjoy painting Night Elf shrines/marble pillars red. They have no real culture, no real architecture (that's their own), and little to go on beyond "Once they were Night Elves, and then they went bad!"

I could pound out about a dozen different concepts for a naga character, right off the top of my head:

An Ex-Highguard who got disenfranchised with his queen over the millennia spent in the sea, and deeply regrets what he did, and what he's been reduced to, goes on a journey of repentance.

A Tidehunter (no, not THE Tidehunter, A Tidehunter) has spent the last hundred years hunting crabs for his little near-coastal village. He is a bit reluctant about hunting non-oceanic game, but is also excited about the opportunity.

A Highborne socialite who has been transformed into a Naga Sorceress misses the courtly intrigue of the old Azshara court, and is intent on insinuating herself into the aristocracy of whichever faction she is now part of.

A Tide Priestess, born in the ocean, and a devout follower of Neptulon. She is furious as the queen for her recent blasphemies, and believes the [Player Faction] will be Neputlon's tool of vengeance.

A Naga Siren intends to take Azeroth's music scene by storm. She is already very popular among the Giblins, and thinks her unique, new style will let her push the Elite Tauren Chieftains out of the coveted Number One Azerothian Band slot.

A Battlemaiden wants to fight people. There's not much more to it. She's a Battlemaiden. It's what they do.

Gill, the Murloc-whisperer. Gill isn't good at a lot of things, but he is good at Murlocs. Very good at Murlocs. A bit too good at Murlocs. He is often mocked by other Naga for his wide-eyed stare, wide-set mouth, and general Innsmouth look (shared by many Naga who live in a little known village built inside the mouth of a dead whale). They suggest that, maybe, he and his aren't pure-blooded Naga, if'n you know what they're getting at. Gill don't care. Gill just wants to know if you want to buy a Murloc.

You can't really do that with Satyr - not unless you somehow add a bunch of new culture to them (despite the confirmation that Night Elves haven't let them develop anything like a unique culture, on account of killing them). There's not much to them. They are not a race with a lot of depth or breadth.
Yeah I want naga for horde WAY more than I want satyr
I see eredar > satyrs if the next expansion is burning legion themed.

Black temple used to be a place of holy sanctity. Obviously now its not. Although the ashtongue have taken it back I'm still not sure where it would lead.

I have my bets on eredar though if we get a new playable race and if its also a burning legion themed.

Who knows, maybe we don't get a playable race at all. Maybe we'll get a new class, or 2 new classes, or just nothing at all. Never know, its blizzard
I think it'll be ogres for horde, arakkoa for alliance and demon hunter for the new class. it's world of warcraft's 10 year anniversary as well as warcraft's 20 year anniversary, blizzard's gonna want to make this expansion really special
The Satyr won't be playable simply because there's no real interest in them from the players.
I'd say no to Satyrs for a couple reasons:
-They are 100% burning legion, no exceptions.
-They are gross and raepy.
-With Xavius dead, they can't make more of themselves (RPG Books)
-Near 0 player interest.

On the yes side, they used to be able to turn any race into Satyr, not just NEs. But the process was mostly offscreen, as it was a bit raepy.
maybe they can make a new specialization for warlocks where you get to turn into all sorts of demons and the satyr is one of them? (same basic mechanics as a druid but with demonic forms and powers) that way I get to play as a satyr and it doesn't have to become an entirely new race. this could work for every other legion related race that you'd want to play as, I mean I'd loved to play as one of the red draenei or fel belfs

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