(H) Cuddle Squad Recruiting (PvP)

<Cuddle Squad> is one of the few PvP guilds on Saurfang, currently have many guild arena teams running and an RBG team sitting at 1900+ at the moment.
We are currently recruiting dedicated PvPers in hopes to boost our numbers and get a 2nd RBG team up and running. Also accepting casual members who love to PvP.

Pst myself, Maero, Narishmaxo or Forcas ingame for more info or invite. Cheers.

Also Snaj must be mentioned in this advertisement.
reported for not carrying me to 2600
Sorry :(
I joined the guild, i wasn't 1550 in anything. Now currently 1750 in 3's and 2's, also 1900 in rbgs. THIS IS A GOOD GUILD. Also 2nd in 5s on server.
Also 2nd in 5s on server.

2nd out of two, so rad.

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