serious lag issues

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For the past few weeks, I can be playing and I get serious lag. Meaning, I can still move, but I can't see any movement from mobs, other raiders, whatever. This can last up to a minute, and then everything seems to fast forward and catch up. It's to the point where I don't even want to play anymore, and I definitely can't play my healer or tank. I've tried checking internet connectivity at these times, and it always seems fine, it seems like the issues are limited to WoW.

Has anyone else seen this? Any fixes?
also seeing that when I log on, a lot of the stuff in my bags can say "retrieving item info", logging out then logging in seems to fix. Maybe related?
I'm having the same problem. As you said the only thing that seems to help is logging out and back in. :(
1000 ms home word plus for 3 days what is going?

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