Gearing a fresh 90 protection Paladin.

Hello Pallys! I've got a question for you.

My Paladin alt just dinged 90 and I wanted to know if it would be more beneficial to do lfr runs as retribution instead of protection since dodge and parry are our least used stat at the moment (barring crit) or would the protection gear reforged serve me better at this point?

Thanks in advance.
Gear that drops normally for prot is fine, it's just frequently slightly less ideal.

It depends a lot on what you already have, what your ilvl is, and what you want to get.
I queue for LFRs as DPS and use whichever spec has the best loot from the boss.

Ends up with me doing like 20k DPS on the bosses I have to go Prot for (don't use RF), but.... eh, they don't need your DPS.

It'll only be a few weeks at most until you don't have to do this anymore, Blizzard's role selection for loot in 5.3 should fix having to do this.
I would queue as the role you prefer to play, stay in the corresponding spec for the actual fights, then change specs for the bonus roll if the loot tables are better for the other spec. Each boss drops different loot for different specs; you'll probably want to get a lot of your armour as ret, but your tanking weapon, shield, and most useful trinkets will only drop as prot. On the other hand, tier tokens don't care what your spec is.

The reality is that any strength plate with a significantly higher item level than what you have is probably an upgrade for your prot set, regardless of secondary stats.

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