1/13 Recruiting a healer

Burning Legion
<We Pop Collars Not CDs> is a guild that has been around since Vanilla and has vast amounts of experiences in raiding within each expansion. The guild has recently been dormant, but with the return of some old school players the guild is ready to break out and hit progression in 5.2.

We Pop Collars Not CDs goals are simple. We want clear all content in a relevant time frame, while pushing to the top and becoming a top raiding guild on the server.

We Pop Collars Not CDs is a mature adult raiding team. Our members range from 18 to 40. We do like to poke fun, and foul language is used often. However, we like to get down to business and waste no time when it comes to progression. We don't tolerate drama. Drama is for high school not Azeroth.

Realm: Burning Legion Alliance PVP EST

Raid Times:
Tuesday 8pm to 12am EST
Wednesday 8pm to 12am EST
Thursday 8pm to 12am EST

Current Progression: Due to the late start in MoP some of our members only went 7/16 Heroic in 5.1. We were filtering through multiple raiders to build our ideal raid team. At the start of 5.2 we started preparing for our return to raiding.

7/16 Heroic
1/13 Herioc

We are looking for a exceptional heaer for our raid team. If you like to rank and analyze every meter to increase your performance, WE WANT YOU!


If you have any interest or would like to ask some questions please leave a message here, contact me in game or add me to real ID hoghunter24@yahoo.com

Happy Raiding!

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