[H]-10M <Shattered Hand> Ye Ole Hangmen LFM

Shattered Hand
We are looking for 1 healer (Resto Druid/Resto Shaman) and 1 ranged dps (Mage/Boomkin). Requirements:

-          Ilvl 495 or higher

-          Ventrilo

-          Solid grasp of fight mechanics

-          Reliable and consistent attendance

Our raid schedule is Tues/Wed/Sun 7:30-11:00 p.m. server time (E.S.T)

Real life issues have caused significant turnover in our roster so we are currently only 5/12 normal. We are looking to progress through this tier to include Heroics and beyond. 

Please apply at www.hangment.guildomatic.com

If you have we questions pst to Luciferkrist, Treewalker, Strydr or Solunais.
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hi :3
Hello. How are you?
Hello Strydr, fancy meeting you here.
are you guys still recruiting?

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