The most DMG you were able to do

Purely for PVPers this season (RBGS and Arenas only)- I personally found that if you have the support behind you and use Guardian + HA/AW properly, you can do serious damage. I'm hoping this new buff this patch makes us that much better - a good offense can be a strong defense.

Edit: I managed 16M in my last RBG - twice as much the next DPS.
Any dps class with a pocket healer(s) will blow everyone else out of the water. Especially if they focus on keeping you up, and your team is competent with cc/coordination and kill targets.

Not to take anything away from you though, just pointing out that you can insert any dps class and have the same results.
It's not personal at all - I love seeing Pallys push out DPS no matter who they are.

No. Way.
31m and only 6HKs? what were you hitting? certainly not other players
Lol, scoreboards.

Only one person in the entire BG died on either team?
I've done around 22-23 mil in a few different SotA's this season. You see some comically large numbers when you pop your CDs on a group of demolishers clustered together.

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