Fully gear 2 specs?

Is it something that people do very often? I am planning to level my holy spec while I wait for the conquest point cap to reset for my ret spec. I will just do honor grinds in bgs to get holy pvp gear. I feel like holy is fun and I want to try pvp healing. I may as well do that? Do any of you see any possible downfalls that I am not seeing other than the very very long wait to level both to the tyranical level.
Most people gear for both specs. Some moreso than others. I've only got this char geared for pve in two specs, my priest on the other hand. If you're just going to do normal bg's, I don't think you need full Tyr for both specs.
Full honor gear for yoru off spec is easy, but because my off spec is a tank, I don't even bother.
Season 13 started at beginning of March, so . . . it took me about 5 or 6 weeks playing Random battlegrounds to get full 476 sets for both Holy and Retribution (Retribution secondary). And I've replaced 3 Holy pieces with Tyrannical (helm, main-hand, off-hand).

GL with getting full Tyrannicals, but Malevolent sets aren't too difficult. Just takes a bit of time. Then again you're Horde so you will probably have quicker success than I had. I have a 44% win rate.

I could be working on a Prot set, but I don't play Prot and I already have 4 different gear sets in my bags.

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