10man Guild Newly Xferred to Server LFM Core

Bleeding Hollow
Rinse and Repeat recently xferred from a dead, and I mean buried six feet under, realm. (Tortheldrin. I place the "." there hoping everyone reads it as Tortheldrin PERIOD)

The core of our raiders decided to follow us over and we've since seen joint efforts from RL Friends and long time gamers from the guilds past reup the game to progress once again. What also seems to have come along with the higher pop guild is that renewed sense of "we can recruit again!"

So hopefully here we are.

Our 10man is looking to fill in some solid DPS spots. Were in need of someone who would be willing to take all the OT gear per their class in case of an off night for one of our regulars but fully intends to fill the roll of damage for the majority of our nights. Someone could similarly look at healing if theyd likes to Offspec heal for some fights.

Warlocks are awesome. Rogues are welcome.

But bottom line is we want Competent Players. Raid hard 3 hours 3 times a week and then enjoy WoW for what it is... A game. Our stance on it is that, if we are bringing 10 people together, lets play for the goal of progression and not waste time.

On that note were currently 6/12 up from 2/12 upon the xfer and have progressed 4 bosses in the two weeks pugging a few nightly since we began raiding again.

Raid times are T-Th 8-11 Server.

Reply here with any questions or send in game mail to chat. Heres to seeing Heroics soon enough. Weve all done it before right?

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