Awkward Moments as Ret

I'm having these awkward moments as Ret leveling where all my attacks are on cooldown and I still need 1 more holy power to use Divine Storm etc. Is this something that disappears once you get haste gear?
Haste will reduce downtime by quite a bit, yes. It doesn't disappear, but it's much less frequent.
Haste smooths out the rotation, yes. Actually Ret wants as much haste as it can possibly get.

On the topic of awkward moments as Ret...
When you don't want to queue as dps so you heal through heroics in Ret...and nobody seems to notice or care.
It still happens, just less so. But it happens with most melee, either waiting on cooldowns or waiting for resource regen.
I saw male draenei, thought that was awkward enough :p

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