Mens Wearhouse [9/13H] LF1M, Solid Tank.

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We are a small guild comprised of a solid core of people who have been raiding together since Vanilla. We have all been a part of top-tier raiding guilds such as Risen, Premonition, Stack and Die, V A N Q U I S H E D, and Mens Wearhouse.

Our goal now is a focused, but casual, 10man raiding guild. We raid 9-11 hours a week on Wed/Sun/Mon.

We are in need of a Tank, preferably of the following classes.

Prot Pally
Prot Warrior

What We Expect From You

1) Maintain the following raid schedule, with 90% or better attendance.
Wednesday, 6 MST - 9 MST
Sunday, 4 MST - 7 MST, with the ability to extend until 9 MST if necessary
Monday, 6 MST - 9 MST
2) The mentality of wanting to exceed at your class. This includes knowing your class well, farming consumables, and researching fights. You don't have to be an innovator, just show interest in topping meters and min/maxing your character.
3) Mature enough to handle an adult atmosphere. I don't care how old you are, but if you can't handle mature talk and profanity in vent or guild chat then don't apply.
4) Able to understand that the progression of the guild is a priority. We don't have a DKP system, or a loot council. When an item drops there is a discussion, and the item goes to who it will benefit the most. Gear comes in time, if you can't handle passing items to others then don't apply.
5) Some experience at one point in your, "WoW career," with being in a progression oriented guild. It could be in Vanilla or Cataclysm, but the more you know the better off you will be.
6) Decently geared and able to dive into ToT, at this moment.

What You Will Get From US

1) A stable guild atmosphere. None of us are going anywhere, we don't want to play with another guild, you aren't going to see any of our core, "Guild Hop," or "Ninja Quit."
2) People serious about raiding. We all know our class, and play our class as well as top tier players.
3) We supply mats for crafted epics, enchants, and some raid consumables.
4) Killing bosses, and progressing.

Here is a link to our World of Logs raids.

Here is a link to our World of Logs, rankings.

If you have any questions, please contact Tripcf, Suspendthis, Herrmmonk, or anyone with the guild tag in game.
513 bdk, IG3T#1519 lets talk
Sure, I sent you a friend request. Herrm#1787
Tank Inc!
Still looking for a 3rd tank + a few heal and DPS spots.
Still looking for a 3rd tank + a few heal and DPS spots.

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